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i killed this lady on accident...wat do i do now
Delete you saves and play again
10/10 would touch again
Missing dialogue: Upon leaving: "Godspeed, champion of ash. May your solemn duty conclude in triumph" I don't know what triggers it.
I think purchasing every light miracle from her, right before she becomes a fire keeper, causes this leaving dialogue to happen. She knows her fate?
If Irina has not become a Firekeeper after you've purchased all non-dark miracles, go to the cell you first found her (right before Road of Sacrifice) and loot Eygon's body. Return to Firelink, and Irina will be waiting in the tower.
Wait, loot Eygon's body? I don't think he's died yet in this playthrough. I'm very unsure how to get her to become a firekeeper. I gave both dark books to her but didn't buy any, having problems. Any advice?
Guys.... Please help... I talked to Irina first. She told me about the little creatures biting at her flesh and there was a msg on the ground saying "aah, friend" with 0 appraisals. So naturally, I didn't touch her. I mean, why would you if she's being eaten up by "little creatures". "There's no way I'ma touch that *****!" I thought and killed her. I got her ashes and a key. The problem I have is that Eygon is PRETTY DAMN STRONG and I'm Lvl 17.... He talks of betrayal and instantly attacks me when I come near him. I get him to half hp but he just heals and keeps 2-hitting me. What do I do? Please don't tell me to start over. I'ma try to run through but I doubt I can do it. Any reply would be much appreciated!
Did you kill her at Undead Settlement? If so, Eygon may be too much to handle right away. Run past him and proceed to the giant's tower.
And you may try to make him fall when using the lift.
I actually managed to kill Eygon on lvl 18 haha Still thanks a lot for you replies!
Use a homeward bone.
Is there a way to make her respawn if you kill her?
Most likely no, although I am not sure.
nope. is she dies shes dead. you have to go to ng+
'if you kill her wearing the more set, her death dialogue will be different' - how? How different... What does she say? Great! Now I'm going to have to sell her dark tomes, buy the miracles and kill her in her most trusted companions suit of armour that I will pry of his corpse just to hear some pointless dialogue, I hope you feel bad wiki... You made me do this! *wipes tears away while drawing sword
It tells you all of her dialogue in this page.
Well it does say while wearing the morne set not just the gloves, there maybe a chance there's a missing dialogue, first one to kill Irina gets to tell us if it's the while wearing gloves dialogue or if there's a secret special dialogue that we don't know yet lol
There's a secret dialogue no one's ever heard ahaha
It's just the while wearing gloves dialogue.
Lol well Irina's chances off living through this game just decreased phenomenally...
Is she blind? She has eyes but her dialogue often indicates that she cannot see and requires touch. I forget my firekeeper lore. The woman in DS1 had her tongue removed as part of the job. Funnily enough she seems to go deaf at times too (dark quest).
Yeah she's blind... #spoiler alert# It's funny that she happens to be sitting in the exact place in firelink, that you find the item 'eyes of the firekeeper' in the untended graves, considering the messages you leave in either place show up in both...


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eygon is just ded on the floor and i didn't even touch him....