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If you dodge when he charges at you, you can get him to fall down to where all the reanimating skeletons are and let them go to town.
That is possible, but instead use the mimic, it is a better option. The skeletons are usually more attractek to you than the demon
is this monster parryable? Seems like a silly question.. but don't have an answer because i suck at parrying
He has pretty much the same moveset as his Ds1 equivalent, with some added fire moves. Anything parryable in Ds1 should work here.
The demon in the catacombs doesn't drop any souls. It only gives you the Soul of a Demon instead.
I could try talking some sense into him,
no he’s far too overheated... I’ve got to use my head.
You seem to have got yourself into quite a................ pickle!



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Imagine how awsome it would actually be if he would have managed to convince the demon to let them go, or if you waited for the demon to go away himself and then the whole settlement in flames for it has burned it down.
Imagine if ANY of his ideas went through and we just watched him at least try them. Lol
In the catacombs, if the mimic doesnt kill him, run around the lower area and spawn all the skeletons. They'll take care of the demon for you ez.
That mimic got absolutely destroyed when I last got there. One-shot by the flame spit.
Or, run right past him and down the stairs at the at the end of the room. From the BOTTOM of the stairwell he can't hit you and there's a bonfire right around the corner. Easiest cheese in the whole game.
Undead Settlement, get the irithyl sword from the outrider at the bottom of the elevator. i think it makes good damage even not upgraded. I stand on the wall and attack him from there, while siegward was tanking him.
So I used the spook spell to sneak my way to the other building, it succeeded and hasn't set the demon and siegward dialogue, I have a funny feeling it could be one of the only things left that hasn't been discovered? Also mayhaps putting the fires out without being seen could potentiall help he situation? Gods luck dark souls peps :) :)
Put out the fires? How?
? Putting what fires out? You need to just kill it, it has no gimmick or cheap kill method. You've only delayed the inevitable if you wanna push Seigwards quest on.
Is it affected by dark damage?
I don't see why it wouldn't be.
Seriously... SERIOUSLY?????
Found a glitch where pulling the Demon to the entry door (Catacombs) and triggering his jump attack will occasionally send him into a rampant ragdoll seizure plummetting through the map after he has been taken down halfway.

This is an instant kill and did net me the would after about 40 seconds. Kill zone must be far down haha
I experienced a similar glitch. Aggroed the demon from the top of the stairs and retreated back through the archway. He followed me up and tried a jumping attack but actually got stuck in the ceiling. His feet were still visible, sticking through the ceiling, and I was able to damage him by shooting arrows at them. He just stood there taking damage until the 117th arrow finally killed him. I have to say, by the end he had pretty dark soles.