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Can somebody maybe write down the stats i need to be able to use every weapon ingame?



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on behalf of everyone here. no lmao
60 str (40 for 2h) 40 dex, 24 int, 30 fai
26 int
99str 99dex 99int 99fth 99vigor 99vit
Here you go buddy: Strength: 60 (50 without DLC Dexterity: 40 Intelligence: 26 Faith: 30 Souls: 3,686,902 Does not include the actual spell requirements.
The only thing missing from this game are the double bladed swords from ds2. 7.8 out of 10
I don't have anything important to say but I feel like I HAVE to comment on my favourite game's wiki so... Thx for reading
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Thank you Kanye, very cool
If I infuse paired weapons as blessed or simple, do I only get the regen from one weapon or does it double?
It stays the same even if you are using weapons paired. Two separate unpaired weapons however (In different slots) will provide you with 2x the regen. If you're looking for good weapons to infuse with blessed, here are some: Dragonslayer's Axe, Lothric Knight Greatsword, and Drakeblood Greatsword.



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Even the Astora Greatsword is viable with blessed or lightning plus it only weighs 8.00 units and is also a UGS.
Followers torch is missing.
It's listed under the "Show Ashes of Ariandel Weapons Only" link, but not this page
Where are my Twinblades? :/ This is like sadness, pure sadness :/
You're Welcome
Buff the FUGS
Agreed, I miss my ds2 fugs
any other pro crossbow mains out there?
maining an easy playstyle/weapon combo doesn't make you a pro