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You should really add on the list the current glitch with Logarius where his sword will go into the ground can't be broken
So: I'm being a cheeky idiot and doing a BL 20 run. My build has my Hp so low, I die in one hit. I can get through his first phase no problem, but his second phase when my Bullets fly off and I can no longer parry, I'm having issues. Just want some advice for his second phase please.
Guess try to bring enough vials so that you can exchange for bullets through the fight.
When he hits his second phase, make sure you visceral him. Do a charged attack with a quick, strong weapon, and then launch the visceral attack. You'll do massive damage, and according to the above, your bullets should allow you to parry.
He buffs himself after phase 1. If you don't heavy attack v. attack him to interrupt itthen he can no longer be parried


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Kind of a broken boss if he spams magic nonstop really....
Don’t follow any one strategy described above. Logarius is never that predictable. You can use them all, but you have to use them all in the same fight depending on what he does at any given moment.
This boss is really fun to kill. I used a Saw Cleaver +6, just keep evading his attacks and approach him with 3 or 4 hits, repeat.


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After countless runs throughout different characters, finally mastered everything about this boss. For the first timers he is one tough *****. Then you learn that every one of his attacks are easy to avoid/dodge through.
Haha lol no maby his first form but that***** goes out the window in 2nd phase when his sword storm activates and he never stops ramming you with his scythe
*****ing bull*****hardest from soft game so far for me this fight is barely a fight as it's just him rapping me while his *****in sword cloud keeps me from healing. Hate this *****
below that cloud of swords you can actually shoot a sword thats stuck in the ground to get rid of the cloud, you are able to target this sword
I’m legit standing on his *****ing feet and he’s slapping me with magic what the ***** dude this is why I *****ing killed Alfred
*****I don’t mean to be that guy but this boss was real easy, first tryed him while just wearing the noble woman’s cloths and arrainas shoes. Just be lvl 120, have a plus 10 saw blade with basically the best gems you can get. Cakewalk
To be honest. A lot of people sat many different things about his difficulty due to when they attempt him. You'll find a large % of the group that say he's hard, are attempting him early. The game wants you to attempt him after Rom, but people access him right after Amelia.
no***** he'd be easy at that level jesus. Im level 64 and im having a hard time beating him a bit. I'll get it though I always do. I've been breezing through everything honestly so far. After I kill Martyr though I gotta fight Rom next.
No***** it was easy you fought him at level 120?
Very fun and balanced boss. For those who are still having trouble, dodge forwards through the magic attacks. Parrying also absolutely molests this boss in phase 2.
Though parrying may not work at all in phase 2, as he has a tendency to deflect bullets.