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doing low level fight clubs with endgame gear there is griefing in my op. it prevents people from farming sword grass how it is meant to be and not by killing late game dozens of ghrus. Sorry...but I will bust every fight club there. No mercy for griefers.
You clearly dont know what griefing is
By his description, it sounds like he does.
I'm playing my second character and I accidentally stumbled upon a funny way to kill the exile warriors.. I was running away from them and decided I'd go down the ladder that leads to the farron keep bonfire, and they jumped down after me and died...
Having done this myself, i can confirm that it works but i advise caution. it is possible for them to not simply jump off the ledge. if you are too far down the ladder they can climb down after you. ladder attacks might not be something youve encountered but basically they can kick at you if you are beneath them and knock you off after about 3 hits. good strategy to kill them, undeniably, but be warned
These days invading the swamp at SL20-30 gives you about a 70% chance of running into heavily twinked players camping with password summoned phantoms. If you're running non-twink equipment at SL20-30 and you beat one of them give yourself a serious pat on the back, because you just shattered someone's power fantasy with some serious David and Goliath ****.
You can without a doubt parry this boss. Please fix. For proof: Watch this video and skip to the Crystal Sage section. His one melee combo can be parried and riposted with ease.
That's because you are supposed to be able to parry this boss
This part of the game makes me want to kill myself, even though I'd just respawn at a bonfire after the eternal loading screen. Thanks Dark Souls
Note that the two Exile NPCs can be injured by the (giant) crabs. They'll still target you first though, but prepare for collateral damage. :3
If you rush past them and climb onto the ladder, they will kill themselves falling down the pit with the ladder leading down to the next bonfire. This has a 100% success rate, just remain near the very top of the ladder.


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Just want to point out an omission. You can find the Golden Falcon Shield to the left of the ruins where you find Orbeck, with you facing away from said ruins. You'll want to start right at the stairs/exit below the Ring of Sacrifice on the balcony and just follow the rock wall left. The shield looks cool, at least.
crystal sage is parryable
If you're going for the ring achievement, don't forget about Chloranthy Ring +2 on NG++. From the Road of Sacrifice bonfire, go straight down, take a left after the two wagons to the first storyteller (Corvian with a staff that puts out poison mist). Kill him and look down behind him. The ring is below him on a ledge.
thanks :) but dont go to ng+ when u can just get +3 rings
I have so much trouble finding and having the right interactions with NPCe. How would find things like the Holy Knight without reading online? I don't want to read spoilers