***** this boss, and ***** all its insta-kill attacks
It is easier to break one hand first and then both feet.
To maximize the damage, you have to run to its head once you get its feet. Take time to learn the area first. See him fall,( he always falls the same way) learn where his head lands and which path to take to get there. The most obvious way to knock it down and reveal the head is to smash his feet.( once he raises a leg, move a great distance away, even if the leg does not stomp you, the dust/shockwave can easily hit 2k damage. If it breaks your ki. It can reach 2700 or death. There is a flame spirit that respawn every now and then. If you kill it, your weapon will get a nice buff which greatly speeds things up.anyway, you can't kill it by reaching for its legs alone. Try to find places for its hands. Along the way to his head, there is a lower ledge with a magic aura. He will slam his fist on you if you stand there and leave it for quite a while, allowing you to damage it. Keep baiting him and smashing that hand. Then he will be knocked down again. If Is very near death /almost no life left, you have the option to shoot spells into him or use bullets/arrows. Hit his weak spot ( rock in his belly, it doesn't move unlike the head) for over 1000 damage. If he too much life left, You also can find another magic aura and bait another hand. You can bait a different hand not far from the one mentioned in this comment. Instead of going up the ramp to the head, move the other way, there is another aura not far from the first hand. That should take him down already. Drop from ledges or change level to dodge his swipe/ hook. Run away from the center for his jump. For his special sweep, which hits both high and low, being too near him will avoid it.
you don't have to be on a magic aura to bait handslams. Just be near his hands and he will try to slam you. If he keeps using his magic breath, you are too far,