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I have the gemstone that reads "Physical ATK UP +4.7%, Adds slow poison effect +1.4/+1.6" is the slow poison effect a good or bad thing?
Physical UP near death What is "near death" threshold?
How do u get the item to inbead the gemstones
it means your weapon will eventually poison whatever it is attacking provided you hit it enough
I think it's 12.5% health and lower.
You have to level it up, "Fortify," at the workbench, then, once you find the Bloodstone Tempering Tool you can imbue your weapons with the stones. Come on, it's the Hunt!!
How do u get the item to inbead the gemstones
Can someone explain what PHYS UP means
Physical attack up
Just found out that certain tempering gems can change your weapon to arcane scaling despite primary attribute is % physical up.