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Ps4 sotfs xMostafa-AGx chasing the platinum right now lvl 210 NG
Hey guys really need sunlight medals PS4 SoTFS Wardestroyer69 SM 20mil please help me out
Looking for Sunlight Medals on my paladin character on PC SOTFS. Soul Memory is 6.9 mil. Character name is Knight Artorea
Mostly placing sign at the bonfire outside final boss with agape ring
I need to farm Sunlight Medals as well. Hit me up! SteamID - tysonjones
trying rto get sunlight medals from coop on PC. MatPerito is my Steam id
Soul memory around 7kk
Trying to get medals on xBox1. Gamer tag tusk tank3r NG+ SL225
Looking for help farming on PS4 SOFTS, SM 16M Feanor37
How can we help each other?
Need sunlight medal help. Xb 1 tag is: RaymondAdam
Still need? Can u help me get too?
Anyone Who are still playing that want to farm them with me?
Softs ps4
Hey u still wanna farm them for each other
Anyone who wants to farm that with me? Steam ID: huiz (the one with Dark Souls Avatar) Soul Memory: About 1 Million Currently I have 5 Medals.
Anyone wants to farm with me? Ps4 SM: 3 mi