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Just noticed you have to PICK UP one of every ring. Trophy didn't pop because as a sorceror I just already had a young dragon ring, never got another. But I just set mine down and picked it up again and ding.
DLC ring are needed too?
sad no ring to increase poison,bleed,frost% or even luck for that matter
Anyone have a wolf ring (covenant reward version) that they could trade if you have gotten achievement? I can give any dlc and regular game stuff in exchange (bar covenant rings)


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I just created an account to say THANK YOU so so much for the thorough information and the format you used, listing the rings in order they appear in inventory helped a ton. Ring trophy, here I come!
Why is the silver cat ring not on this wiki at all ?



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It's on the page here, and has its own page:
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according to the ring guild on, the Ring of Sacrifice DOES count towards total. that means that there's a total of 107 rings needed for the achievement/trophy. also, I think the bug may or may not have something to do with when you get the ring, as NG+ and above resets all item spawns. I still say that your 'glitch' is cause you didn't count the Ring of Sacrifice.
Any way to get wolf ring again I accidentally sold it
Go to the Ringed City to get the +3 ring or finish the game then do a New game NG+
Make a new game, take this ring in this new game, give the ring to a friend and take the ring form him/her with the character you need. I don't tested it, but it's the only way that comes to my mind. Eder_EnDDarK. 37
Dont be stoopid next time
feals dead (ME)
finally got the achievement and by extension, 100% the game... still suck *** at pvp tho
Lol, thats me in ds2 XD. I got a little better when I got the illusory rings lol.
I have all 70 plus 1 rings yet no achievement! Help!