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Some to play in a chalice dungeon?
Lvl 141 looking for help with dark beast paarl. Always struggle with this boss.
Need help with the defile dungeon
So I have all weapons in bloodborne dlc and original and can’t get the trophy for it for some reason. Anyone else heard of this problem and know how to fix it?
Do you have the beast claw from the chalice dungeons?
Koop allé ,schietwapens in u kelk en klaar trofee gr
Anyone can help me at orphan of Kos and Laurence
Need help wend me doggusmoke008
Anyone wanna help me beat Laurence the first vicar??
yes i do
Ive been playing and died fighting the giant with the ball and chain after i shut the gate to that area from that side. Now I cant seem to get back to reopen it. Is there a way back or do i have to wait till new game plus?
Hi! Someone can help me with the Spider?? My ID is Borja5200
Need help with lady Maria