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Elf Treewarden Act 2 in the small Elven camp after saving Saheila, sells Scoundrel books
Can you craft the blank skill books like in the last game?
Yeah! Sparking Swings seems good for battlemage.

"Elemental skills can only be combined with non-elemental skills to create new skills." - this isn't true because you can combine elemental with elemental

"Having both components be source skills will not produce a different result than when only one source skill is used." - this line is confusing
It means whether you waste 2 source required books or just one, it will still produce a source required spell
I found my first empty skillbook on the lady vengeance before getting attacked. I would assume you combine an elemental essence with paper to get a blank skillbook. Not sure but I'll give this a try.
Combining skill books of a specific type (eg Pyrokinetic Searing Daggers skillbook with Pyrokinetic Fireball scroll) does NOT yield a skill book of the scroll.

All of these refer to the use of BLANK skillbooks of the respective type of skill.
Someone correct these to clarify.
Can you craft skillbooks from higher level scrolls? Does it require a source orb for source skill books?
everything that you can craft is listed there. there aren't actually that many skill books you can make out of scrolls.

no, you never need a source orb to make a skill book, though there ARE a few scrolls that use source orbs to make. most of these have alternative components though.

You can now get "high tier blank skillbooks" and the necromancy one is called "high tier witchery skillbook". I assume these allow you to craft skillbooks from higher skill level (3+) scrolls. It would be great if they could update this page to reflect that. I just crafted chain lightning and closed circuit.
chain lightning and superconductor I meant
Has anyone worked out if it's possible to make a resurrect skillbook?
And there necromancy Last Rites skill.
So it doesn't seem possible to craft blank skill books like in the original, e.g. sheet of paper + elemental essence = black elemental scroll, then combine two blank scrolls to make a blank skill book of that element.
I tried combining a sheet of paper with an essence but nothing happens.
You need a High Tier blank skillbook. To make skill book that use source and chain lightning uses source.