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Found a Lost Burial Blade (upon recieving it this character had neither progressed to NG+ nor killed Gherman), the glyph is s9dfcmze. Found in the chest in the area prior to Layer 1.
Should've clarified: the Chalice is Cursed, Rotted, Fetid Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice. My bad.
In the early dungeon to get the uncanny (the pthumeru that you can do after BSB) it seems that if you fail to kill certain enemies they get moved to the entrance ladder, e.g. those spiders. Which is *****ing perfect because now I can get boned by glowing red things that trigger my arachnophobia without even having to go to the spider room.
It seems this and Blade of Mercy were both patched, since it is entirely possible to add fire or bolt damage to them now with blood gems.
Wow, glad to hear the game is still getting love from From
Could always add gems that have a flat value (not %) of bolt or fire to these weapons. Even chikage could have a fire/bolt effect with flat value gems.
There appears to be some sort of requirement placed upon the early pthumeru dungeon. Just best BSB and it says my character doesn't meet the requirements even though I opened the base dungeon
Unsure if this is the actual requirement but the BSB glyph worked after unlocking the abandoned hunters workshop lamp.
You have to create a root chalice. beat second boss first chalice, then make a root. Then make a new one using the glyph it still works.
"Blood gems increasing Arcane damage do work on this weapon, but given the low arcane damage it has is it not recommended to rely on this." It's actually pretty good for an Arcane 50 build with gems that boost arcane damage and scaling. It's not as outright damaging as a Skill build, but it's still viable
It's a scythe so it's awesome. What did you expect?!
Deciding on a build using a scythe, soo.. church pick or burial blade? I love both so idk
Stat requirements/benefits are pretty similar between the two. Couldn't hurt to use both and see which one sticks. Burial blade has some cool sounds effects though, I have to say.


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Currently using the Church Pick and I must say, it is wonderful. The 20% serrated/righteous damage is great as it makes it all around good. The transformed mode uses all thrust damage, which does a ton of damage. It can also be buffed with elements, unlike the scythe
church pick is a war pick, not a scythe


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FightinCowboy brought me here
Can confirm that for the early Pthumerian chalice you just need the root chalice from the second boss in the first dungeon
By the way root chalice nzzn259g is amazing for farming early game echos. Go where you normally go to get the burial blade. On the way there,*****around a bit and take a tiny bit longer to get to the room with the cannon. For some reason the guy manning the cannon will have despawned. You can now use the cannon to instantly kill any of the mobs, including the respawning spiders. The non respawning enemies drop 5-15k and the spiders drop 1k each but respawn infinitely. If you die you're FUBAR though, since the bell ringing woman will usually take your echos and she has way too much health to kill if you're just rushing early game