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I’m so angry why is he’s hammer not in the game he hammer is one of the coolest hammers in mh3u it made rath sound wen it hit
He is more annoying compared to Diablos. I have just finished the quest where I had to hunt Rathian and Rathalos. Rathian was easy, but Rathalos was a pain. He always interfered with the fight, and when it was his turn, he often chose to fly to a tight space where dodging is difficult. This is the most annoying part.
This is the most annoying monster. I hate him
Your a wimp
Annoying, yes. However not very difficult if you bring flash pods and the ingredients to make more. His downfall is how predictable he is.
Super ultra f**king irritating annoying monster ever!!! Can't freaking solo him with all the appropriate amour, amourskin ,demondrug, thunder, 10 potion, 10 mega, 10 life, 1 ancient pill, etc and still couldn't bring him down. WORST OF ALL. PAID FOR THIS GAME AND THE FREAKING SESSION KEEPS DISCONNECTING AND IT BECOMES MULTIPLE PLAYER DIFFICULTY. HOW THE HECK CAN WE CONTINUE THIS!!!!
Hang in there buddy. You whould be able to join another one's quest at one point. Disconnection doesn't happen to me anymore
I was able to defeat him so low. I didn't even give any thought to the armor. You just got to work on your Technique and keep on going strong
Just beat Rathalos solo first ever attempt no feints all parts broken. Full Diablos set with Dragon bone bow II. Diablos set fully upgraded, never went below 1/2 HP. Kill took 13 min


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Flash pods + Extra flash bugs. Or the palico with the flash gadget. Stay way when he is on the ground, then blind him when he flies, then smack him.
Lot of complaints about the map and him changing location. First off, scout bugs. They don't always opt for the fastest route but they do help so long as you remember to tag the target using your map. Second, he has a pattern. The pattern may differ from person to person but it definitely has a pattern. For me this pattern starts at the nest then moves straight down (use the ramp opposite the camp and drop right on his back) then over to the platform in sector 14, after that I usually have him hurt enough he flees back to his nest.



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Pair the Beta Chest,Gloves and coil with the Alpha Helmet and Greaves and you Got DOUBLE CROSS RATH ARMOR BOOM!
You can bait it into hitting a dam in the best and then flash pod it to send it tumbling to the bottom layer, giving you an opening.
I've seen rathalos and azure rathalos fighting as well as azure rathalos fighting with a green Rathian