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sl 79,still dont summoned by way of blue.. this covenant ant the items are sucks
You know it's the blue sentinels covenant item you need equipped right and not way of the blue???
these items are prerequisites for achievements (master of rings and miracles) and they also help a lot with sorcery builds. So no they don't suck.
Your typing are sucks
Psn: Lefrenchninja Just want to get these dreaded concords will return the favour and help you get as much as you need too!
I can help you! I need them as well, how do we do this?
At last I managed to obtain 30 of this bad boys. This are my numbers: -NG++, SL 65, Hollow Level 99 -Item Discovery: 429 -Time spent: 4:30 hrs
I seemed to get summoned a lot more often when i had the darkmoon covenant item equipped while also having the red eye orb activated. Xbox One.
What do you do with this item?
You give it to yorshka at the prison tower bonfire (the one with the invisible path from the turning thing in anor londo). When you give her 10 she will give you a ring and when you give her 30 a miracle (the darkmoon blade).
killed about 100 silver knights may be less and got about 13-14. with 270 luck and NG+. got called for online about 3-4 times
oops. by 100 i should have put 300.
I guess noone else gets this lucky, but I just had a blast! I was summoned via the covenant and in that world (anor londo) the host must have used the dried fingers, because he was constantly invaded and I stayed (because there was no situation where there was no invader present) for 8 invasions. I made 8 proofs of a concord kept in under 5 minutes. Then the streak was cut and I was sent home. If someone knows how to do this systematically, this might be a good way to farm these items. Also: FROMSOFTWARE should finally change one of the two covenants to active mode, i.e. invade invaders worlds to punish them or invade the worlds of the invaded without the need of them having a special covenant. This covenant could be so much fun... playing police in the game. =D
Spent about 3 hours grinding with 300+ item discovery, got something like 5 of these and a million souls. Got summoned maybe 6 times but those yielded probably only one item due to summons to battles that had ended and one weird situation where the host and invader were playing a game of their own, trying to get blues to pick up some item... The blues are the worst covenants in the game. None of the others come even close.
What do you do with them
Darkmoon blade miracle
Been farming knights for 30-35 hour now and I still dont have 30 concord...