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Wrong Description..


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If you are an undead character, using poison flask will do damage to you. This is kind of stupid.
Undead should be immune to this skill, since there's nothing to decay.


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*still testing* *level 8*

Scales with:
Intelligence +2min - +2 or 1 max ( lvl17 42-47, to lvl18 44-49, to lvl19 46-50)
Warfare +2min - +2max (lvl1 48-50, to lvl 2 50-52)
Doesn't reverse the effect of healing spells if cast on a party member. Undead still take damage from Restoration
Basically any character that is affected by decaying will be unable to receive heal for the duration, undead will take damage from poison (as poison is healing for them) and still take damage from direct healing. Living will still take damage from poison and will take damage from healing. Don't know if it affects necromancer passive ability to heal as you make damages.
You still heal from Necro passive but not Necro healing skills so very useful



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Decay DOESN'T prevent healing from necromancy.
Doesn't prevent healing from the necromancy *ability passive* and life leeching effects. The skill blood sucker won't heal a decaying target
it would be cool if this skill healed undead... would make the cleric standard class much more viable
2 Meters range, Carl =( And healing spells do physical dmg , not piercing
Scrolls of this spell cost 1AP for anybody. If u need this just uding a scrolls.