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I was in a boss fight with this skill active on the boss, he always did melee on my party and receive buffs with damage. at the end of the fight he literally killed himself. The best fight in the game for me
you must be talking about the bear monster near blackroot area. i feel you pain man xD
strange, whenever I used it, most creatures or bosses would simply move away and just not attack anything and would just wait for it to wear off.
played about 2 days ago from writing this comment with the following scenario: quest: They Shall Not Pass - ended up doing it by mistake as i crossed the bridge difficulty : tactician on Definitive Edition level: 9 party: 4 members The fight broke out and 3 of my team members got killed with Red Prince the last one standing vs 2 full hp enemies. I cast this spell on one of them and then i only healed myself and tanked up, the 2 enemies attacked me like there was no tomorrow eventually killing their shakled comrade in the process. It might be luck but i have not experienced yet enemies ignoring me with shackles on.
If I'm undead and cast this on a living enemy, then poison myself will my shackled enemy heal or take damage? Have an idea of a "voodoo doll" like character.
Did you ever find your answer? I was wondering this myself
I am pretty shure that shackles cant heal. It only transfers damage so if you shakle someone and drink poison as an undead you wont poison them. It deals neutral damage so it does not copy the damage element or other effects. If you as an undead shakle someone alive and drink a healing potion you will damage them.
Shackles of pain considers the damage done to your magic armor, physical armor, and vitality. It transfers the sum of the damage as physical damage to the character SoP was cast on.
The answer to your question is no BUT you if you are using a living character and soulmate an undead, health potions you take will damage them. If the target is decayed and you are undead, using poison potions will damage them
I don't know if it's been patched out since this page was last edited, but using shackles of pain on a mage that has used shackles of pain on another does NOT override the mage's SoP. Black Ring members in the Blackpit died.
Can be removed with soul mate now. Useful given how annoying being on the receiving end of this spell is.
When you use the Tyrant Helmet's Purge 3 times a demon pops out, kill the demon and the helmet drops again with this ability instead. I highly recommend putting this on a tank character with Agro abilities, like Provoke.
Cryogenic Stasis breaks Shackles of Pain! Just an fyi ;)
I don't know if it's a DE thing or because of the last patch, but it does trigger the healing from Necromancer when I use it. Once my tank reached 10 in Necromancer, Shackles of Pain made him pretty much invulnerable for the duration of the skill.