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what does (At least one of them must be Source Skills) actually mean? and would it be possible to get this already in fort joy?
Due to a bug you can get Corrosive Spray by combining any necro and geo skill books.

How it is supposed to work is you combine a necro skill book of a skill that uses a source point (like Black Shroud) with any geo skill book (like Fortify). Or you combine a geo skill book that uses a source point (like Summon Artillery Plant) with any necro skill book.
this is not correct. as of patch 143.909, corrosive spray no longer requires a source skill book to make. any geo and necro book will do. the requirements for learning and using the skill are still the same, and it uses 2 memory slots.

nope, this is the source version of the skill. The skill you're talking about is corrosive touch, not corrosive spray
i'm getting a 'Corrosive Touch' skill when I try to make this book - help?
Perhaps they fixed it? Supposed to be a Source skill and a non source skill to craft it.
The description of the spell doesn't say it but it leaves an acid (cursed poison) surface. Very handy if you want necrofire and don't have enough curse scrolls or abilities that creates necrofire.