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I noticed that the link to the Carthus Swordsman takes you to a page that says simply "Page not found".
Still not available. :(
By the end of my first playthrough, I had 67 embers. Maybe they shouldn't be so common. I think with these and the other ~67 embers I'll receive on ng+, I think this character is set for life.
when you start to use one everytime you die on a boss, trust me, you'll use some. Cuz in ng+ and beyond you need to be embered or just get 2 shot, at least that's what happens to me at ng+4. And logically the bosses get harder so i dont defeat them in the first try.
Jeez dude I run out of those things so freakin fast. I'm constantly haveing to share amongst people just to get by.
Ng+7 I'm sat on 300+ embers lmfao
cause obviously you don't use them
Common my *** was just spent 30 mins farming those knights and I got 1 ember. 1. Not what I would call common 1 in 10 or 15 mins would be common
I have 70+ embers thanks to these knights, use the symbol of avarice
Good Lord, 1 in 10 or 15 mins wouldn't be common no, 1 in 1 or 2 runs from bonfire, that would be common, like the skeleton babies from tomb of giants or rats from sewers in DkS 1.
It's: an ember not "a ember"
"Lothric Castle first bonfire is the ideal farming location for Ember, as they are extremely vulnerable to parrying, backstabbing and Great Chaos Fire Orb."

I had no clue you could parry an Ember.



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We need Peeve Peeverson
You forgot unbreakable patches in the fire link shrine he sells embers for 5000 souls
This is a funny video how I got a lot of embers:
GG you're lucky
Anyone want to sell me some embers? Paypal. Psn. Email me with offer if interested
That's sad.
"That's sad." = Virgin Nerd
I'd be interested in buying embers from anyone with a hundred or so to spare. Psn smellerbee2000. Paypal. Make offer :)
Git gud casul
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Git gud casul
So assuming max vigor and 1400hp, does an ember, +3 Life Ring and +3 RoF give 46% more hp, or 2044 total hp?
Try it out on mugenmonkey