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There's gotta be something we're missing to that painting. If it just ended there, wouldn't that make this the ONLY key item in souls history to grant no in game progress?
I take it you haven't played Bloodborne.
You need to choose the Pendant as a starting gift in order for it to work.
*cough* yharnam stone..
okay, so what does it do?
Nothing, it's just paint.
Pumpa Rum?
Only get a pendant if you give it to the bird waifu
Pickle Pee! Pickle Pee!
Just wanted to note: there is some kind of hollow moaning at the dreg heap that I either didn't notice before, or was not present
There's an errant angel flying in circles above the dreg heap when you return to it, presumably non-hostile. I think this might be the source of the moaning, but I'm not sure.
Theres a non hostile angel circling above the dreg heap after you kill gael. It's there because the Old Woman is dead (The angels are controlled by dead Pilgrims).
Sadly get nothing for killing it either.


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My personal take is that Ariandel/Ringed City are a natural prelude to the third ending ("Ending of Fire"), which must be the true ending of the series - even more so now that the series is complete. You give the eyes found in the dark Firelink Shrine to the Firekeeper, who forsees a world without fire. Then you meet the Painter lady who wants to paint a new, "cold, dark and gentle" world. Do you remember the words of Lord Ludleth (after you come back from the dark Firelink Shrine) who says he wants to "paint" a new vision by relinking the fire, and asks you what is your intent? After your conversation with the Firekeeper, Ludleth is obviously aware that you might have a different plan for the world, and even calls it a "betrayal", but surprisingly he actually encourages you in staying strong with your choice. So, by choosing to help the Painter create a new world, you go look for that precious pigment made from the blood of the Dark Soul and end up in the Ringed City. Uncle Gael has lost his marbles, you take some blood from him and bring it back to the Painter, who starts working right away. Then you finally confront the Red Knight - not to relink the fire but to snuff it out, paving the way for the fulfilment of the Painter's vision.
But the painter says she needs the flame if you talk to her before killing friede



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But she also says when remembering her mother's words that there needs to be a balance in order to paint a world. That phrase of someth something fire, can't paint a world, musn't paint a world.
Adun Toridas.
"Those who aren't ken to fire cannot paint a world.
Those absorbed by fire, must not paint a world."

I understood as only gods (ken to fire) can paint a world, and so that her mother at the very least was a goddess. Those absorbed by fire (those obsessed with the linking of the flame?) must not paint a world; presumably because they would get it wrong. They reject the dark, and it would be the opposite of the "cold, dark and gentle" world which she envisions as ideal.
The Painter Girl only "wishes" to see flame so that the current painting word gets burned down. The fire is necessary to cleanse the rot and to allow the natural progression of the Painting Worlds. The new world will be named after you or Ash if you say you don't have a name.
Compared to the climactic, fever-pitch battle under Eleyum Loyce; the point where you could bring all crowns to Vendrick to reveal what felt like a true denouement... I found this final expac to be completely lacking in satisfaction given ALL we have been through (Dark souls 1-3). While it did resolve what happened to the pygmys, it did explain you were taking a step to usher in the age of dark from the final age of fire - it was just a let down. I feel like steps are missing. I don't NEED a cutscene and credits to roll, per se, but it didn't seem final the way I had hoped. It's like if instead of waking up in a bed with all his friends around him after Frodo had tossed the ring into mount doom, traveling back and giving a fulfilling end ... just imagine he tosses the ring in the fire then cuts to the next scene where he is in Bag End and just looks at the camera and gives a thumbs up - cut to credits.

You just sort of...are doing something that leads to the ending we've all already seen (the ending from the non-DLC original game).

Was expecting more but like crossing that ledge to get the glowing thing on the corpse, getting kicked off, fighting your way back to realize it was rubbish, I suppose that's par for the course with Dark Souls. Oh well that ends ohwell.
Gael isn't an ending or a means of satisfaction or anything like that. This DLC isn't supposed to end all of dark souls. This DLC is about a man named Gael and how he sets out to find a pigment fit for his ladies painting. anf you decided to help him. that's it. the real ending of dark souls is when you defeat the soul of cinder and link the fire.
If only that were the true ending to LOTR.
the guy who said that the dlc is just about santa is a complete *
But where is the dark soul itself
Inside Gael. He killed the pygmies and took their, likely quite large, pieces of the dark soul. Because he's dead, there's no more dark soul, apart from the parts of it inside you, and Patches, the two humans who survived to the end of time.
Its in you. Its been split up amongst humanity since the Furtive Pygmy decided to pass it on to his kin.
Well.... that was a*****y ending.....


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The dark soul should trigger a 180 minute long dark souls movie, considering that's the last thing ever.
Does anyone know what happens if you talk to the NPC Hallow that you meet after you get flown to the ring city while you have the Blood of the Dark Soul? I know he dissapears but im not sure when. Im curious to see if there is any extra dialouge we are missing