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is there any benefit from having lucky charm on 2 characters? I have it maxed on one, does it make sense to pour it into 2 characters now that it is "shared" across the team?


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As of recent patch (Hotfix v3.0.159.021), I'm pretty sure I saw the message "X shared Lucky Charm with Y" while looting a box and getting the 4 leaves clover visual, so it seems they have changed it to work for the whole party.
I think it is area dependant.
I was as level 12 at the Sawmill with the Lone Wolves and it gave me a level 14 legendary..Moving to a lower level area gave me lower level item..I am not sure if having higher than 5 does anything like Bartering or Thievery...
I suspect it does not.The frequency it procs looks the same as 5 and as 7.(with gear)
Level 1-2 gives scrolls money or grenades.Maybe green items.
Thats been my experience too
does anything happen if i have lucky charm on multiple people? Or does it just apply the highest one? I'm gonna assume its the highest one and put more stuff into other abilities
The one with the highest.. Having Lucky Charm 3 and with belt and necklace +2 =5 is all you need.You will get divine items in Arx containers.I tested it..Frankly is like finding 4.000 gold.The items you buy from traders to gear your party are always better.
If other characters have lucky charm, you will have a higher chance of someone's lucky charm to trigger
If an item generated by lucky charm does not have a desirable enchantment, you can reload a save from within 20-25m of the container and each time lucky charm will trigger on the same container and will have the same loot BUT with different enchantments. For example, if a container gives a rawhide scale armor with 10% poison resistance you can save scum to get the same armor but with +1 warfare which is more useful. The loot will be same in every way except for the enchantments. This also applies to enchanted gear found without lucky charm. Also breaking locked chests instead of lockpicking does not prevent lucky charm from triggering because the loot is generated as soon as you come within 20-25m of the container.
When it says "Is now a party-wide talent" do they ONLY mean in Single-player with your henchmen? Does it also apply in Multi-player/Co-op?

And also, anyone know if (if it does work in Co-op) it stacks? So If I have 3 in LC, and another player has 3 in LC, do we have a combined LC of 6 that is taken into consideration, or is it just 3, mean one of us needs to focus on it and the other should focus on other civil abilities?
It does apply in Multi-player/Co-op.
Not sure if stacks, I think it work like loremaster (highest one apply).
Judging from the other guy's comment he's had procs from different characters at different times so it sounds like having 2 characters with LC would double the amount of procs you'd get but the loot would be LC 3 kind of loot. personally I just go for 1 char with LC and am trying to max it as fast as I can, got LC 5 atm and had around 4 legendary procs from random fish barrels and such.
After some playtesting June 05th, 2018: I can confirm as far as my testing goes that Lucky Charm does INDEED stack.

I have Sebille specced into Lucky charm while my main character with Lucky Charm buffs from random armor pieces loots everything. His Lucky Charm has triggered on its own and Sebille's has triggered at other times. Though I'm not sure if the quality of the item is affected.

This means that for every container, Lucky Charm besides the highest holder, has a chance to trigger Lucky charm twice. Though I'm not sure if I'm imagining it, I noticed Lucky Charm triggers FAR LESS on my MC, both his and hers, compared to only having Sebille loot everything.

Overall I think you want to have all characters with 1 Lucky Charm so you can stack triggers but still have a character spec into it and loot everything. Or have 1 character with 5 lucky charm and everybody else has 4 lucky charm (base).
Obviously not true, like every single thing you stated.
Stop trolling here. Your lies hurt new players. Just die.
5 points using all-skilled up, Justia Glove looted near top of the map at act 2, Captained Compass looted from deathfog ship after Wreckers Cave, I sit at 9 Lucky Charm, 9 Thieving and 9(10) Bartering with 3 million gold with no cheats. I wonder I'll hit 5 million by the end of the game for my personal global record. Thieving can be acquired by getting a glove from driftwood kid if you mention fort joy girl next to the boss and an armor that grants Thieving called Racht Muvora.
I was wondering if I had 2 or more people with lucky charm if it would have a higher chance of getting loot or if everything has the same chance it's just the lvl that affects the rarety and if so is having higher than lvl 5 worthless
I believe it's similar to leadership how the lower number is canceled out in favor of the higher number
Pretty great to have. Look into every thing you can loot from and it might activate. These lucky finds will net you a lot of money or some really useful gear. Down side is that it's random, so repeat runs may not be as lucky.