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The first attack this dragon does to me on my around 15th attempt, he flies for his breath attack, then lands outside the arena, where he died around 10 seconds later (pretty similar to how Dark Souls bosses react once they've left the arena as well). Couldn't help but have a good laugh at that. Followed by me audibly saying "We take those." And then round 15 seconds later, "I did not deserve that."
*****ing quality.
They should've made this boss black or dark blue so it could blend into the sky. Maybe it would've added a bit of tension during the fight. Instead, they made it blend into the bestiary...
yeah so it'd take 200 more tries to kill this ***** amirite?



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It doesn't need to blend into the sky it already *****ing flies offscreen when it goes airborne, this is probably the hardest boss in the game.
This wyrm give me pain in the ***. Got killed thousand time. Since i build my char pikeman with heavyarmor and not a big fans of shield, i realize being agile are better. So i toke off my armor and fight this thing naked. It become wired, this thing damage not big enough to one hit me even when i am naked, and the damage are similar when i am in armor.
Hard boss for Dexterity build and easy prey for a heavy knight with a Greatsword or -hammer.

Don't fight him with the whips - they deal little damage.
Totally bugged boss.


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the secret is the sky the best position, in some cases, to attack him is jumping. You can dodge its ground attacks and with luck stag when it beggins to fly sorry the bad english
totally***** boss. All he does is fly back and forth spewing fire on the ground. ***** this game's awful a.i.
anyone else get the bug where it does the tail whip attack at you and falls off the side and dies instantly
Sure, the fire will destroy anyone who hasn't built themselves to tank, but the real dangers here are the arbitrary restrictions to the battlefield and the fact that when he staggers (and he does it a lot) he moves you around. One of the worst bosses of a good game.
The anti-assassin boss.