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It is worth to change the ring of favor and protection to bloodbite ring?
No use the ring of favor and the blood shield with cheaters set and if you can put the blood bite ring in the other ring slot and never remove the ring of favor if you have it equipped
With Chester's set + Bloodbite ring + Bloodshield you should be fine.
Saint Bident, Dark Follower's Sabre, Parry tool of choice, and Sunless talisman. Spells: Dark Blade and Lifehunt Scythe. Dark Blade-buffed Saint Bident to start, whip out Sabre if you need to get aggressive, out-trade shorter/weaker weapons (SS, katanas, etc) with Poise-buffed Lifehunt Scythe. This spell is an absolute monster, but it can be a bit of a let down if you use it with any other catalyst besides something that gives poise since it has short range.
This page is for the DS1 version of lifehunt scythe
Does bleed resistance cap at 800 still like in the original Dark Souls? Before patch XX.XX.XX I had 1500 bleed Res and swore by this weapon. 800 is decent but its not great.