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I've done everything I was supposed to and all wellager gave me the weapons, not the set. Ideas?
you have to talk to him after you kill the throne watcher/defender
Edit for clarity- have to farm it from the twinblade horse statues
try the statues before the looking glass knight
For Vanilla: Farm from the horse statues outside the Looking-Glass Knight bossroom.
For SotFS: Receive from Wellager after defeating Giant Lord.
I know it's a little late but I am having this same problem too! I have the SOTFS, not the vanilla and he gave me just the weapons but not the set. I just bought the game about a month ago and its my first run. Please, someone help me. I really want this set.
I tried farming with one character, just had the golden serpent ring and hollow mask on for item discovery, and didn't get a single one of these. They didn't spawn again by the time I was done. However, I did another character with jester's mask, golden serpent ring, and hollow tatters, and used some lucky coins, and got the whole set within a few runs. Rare stuff, >,>
this set only drop in SOTFS with Wellager? or i still can get this drop fpr stone knight?
this set only drop in SOTFS with Wellager? or i still can get this drop fpr stone knight?
if you have sotfs upgrade he gives you whole set after you killed giant lord. along with dirk and espada.
i got whole set at first run but i tot there was a head piece so wasted a couple of bonefire ascetics. fml.



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Should be worth noting that this set appears in DS3 as the "Drang" set, and is worn by the two dual-wielding humans after Pontiff Sulyvahn - as well as being obtainable shortly before from a puddle wherein a giant stomps about.
I wouldn't call the Cathedral of the Deep "shortly before" Pontiff Sulyvahn :P



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yeah that's not reaaaally shortly before...
Amazing armor dude it's really light thanks to geisteel but if you need any help of obtaining it (if you have ds2 sotfs) ok then psn KGHK21
wish we could get the horse chess piece looking dudes' set
Ugh, tell me about it. I love that "set". Wish it were available for players.
Probably the best light armor set for physical defense, and has a wonderful stats-to-weight ratio. The Alva set is the next best light armor.
This set + dark mask = fashion souls orgasm!
Dark mask+ Raime's set= even BIGGER Fashion Souls orgasm!