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Ok this is how I do it: From Farron keep peremitier, head down to the first three ghrus (twoards the black night) pop a rusted coin and kill them with fast attacks. Head back and kill the one to the right behind the tree. Then wait abit for the Dark Knights to start fighting there other ghrus, then take another coin and proceed to the right and finnish of the remaing ones to the right and outside the boss room. The loot will still be yours even if the Darkies kill them. Hope this helps :)
You can't say darkies now. It's 2018.
So can you eat swordgrass
I just got a wolfs ring +1 from one of those dogs on the bridge. Is that something documented or what?
No, you didn't.
Its not really that hard to farm then, in a hour I got 20, with 325 item discovery and sometimes using the +50 ID coin.
I farmed on the 3 Ghrus on the bridge of Keep Ruins bonfire, its pretty easy to kill then with great chaos fireball, just use 1 on each and they will die.
For farming the three ghru on the bridge, I suggest getting moderately close and targeting seething chaos at the closest one, 50/40 gets me 1258 damage, killing all instantly
Forgot to mention I had witch ring and by, "moderately close" I mean just outside of the doorway
does anyone know the best place and time to farm these either from players or gurus? ive been on the wolfs of farron covenet for a while and just trying to get wolfs great shield, not looking for a hand out just advise.
This is late but for anyone else, the only way to "farm" these from players is to stay in the optimal level range for the swamp and wait to get summoned. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you keep the covenant equipped. As for farming from enemies, I just kept discovery boosting items on (Sage's Rapier etc.) and watched the Darkwraiths kill the ghrus near Abyss Watchers. Not very fast but reasonably effortless. You can even combine these activities by letting the Darkwraiths kill ghrus while waiting to get summoned. Just be prepared to see items lying on the ground and to be summoned before you can pick them up....
So I'm farming in keep ruins and I have been going at it for 40 min or so and I started to use pyromancy 20 mins in and I feel like for some odd reason that it's making have more of a chance to receive them. Could be convenient but I went from 12 to 24 during this farm.
Try putting on some music.
Or YouTube. I've had the Game Grumps up in the background while grinding these just now, and while I spent hours grinding proofs/dregs in Anor Londo earlier.

I have a something hatred for Anor Londo now!
A nice quick route with pale tongues too, start at Farron Keep perimeter. Run out of the door towards Abyss Watchers, but hug the right wall. Pop a rusted coin as you go behind the large tree with a ghru sitting down. Kill him, then run against the wall and aggro two dagger ghru's, and the one on the big hill in the center. Then run in between the two at the top of the stairs, and pull them directly into the darkwraiths. If you do it right, the darkwraiths should get beat up pretty quick, then you can clean up the other ghru's. Basically I aggro all the ghru's and make them fight each other. With 433 item discovery, it's working pretty well, and you don't have to do much. With symbol of avarice, I just pop an estus when I run thru the two on the stairs, and snipe the survivors with a frayed blade beam. Just sharing since it's quick and working for me, idk.
Using Lorians Greatsword with a 66 strength build can kill the three on the bridge pretty fast, just use the weapon art with two of the ghrus lined up and it pretty much one shots them. Just have to be careful about the bodies, they can sometimes fall off.