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I haven't gotten the strength to use this with one hand but from what I can tell, it's pretty overpowered
You wouldn't want to 1h this anyway as you loose out on precious hyperarmour
Did this get buffed? My inventory is showing bleed at 43 base.
For a bleed/luck build:
Main Hand- Hollow Spiked Mace (Blood inf only gains 7 extra bleed, has 50 less base damage, and does not scale with Luck. Hollow weapons can also be infused, so you can use Carthus Rouge if you want to make up for the 7 bleed)
Off Hand- Bleed Notched Whip (Has 75 bleed with Blood inf and a lot of range)
35 Luck (You gain 5 Luck from hollow weapon in main hand so you will actually have 40)
40 Str (Spiked Mace will be your main damaging)
Other stats depend on what other equipment you want to use.
Unfortunately scales with hollow really really bad
Normally I don’t go around saying this word, but this weapon is actually OP. I get it, every weapon is OP or trash design on who wields it. But slap heavy infusion with a buff and you can literally “one shot” people (I say one shot loosely as if you get hit ONCE with this and you are open to the weapon art full combo which can and will kill you). The only saving grace is that this thing is a great hammer, meaning it’s slower then a tank without the ability to move. Not to mention it’s an extremely early weapon to get. In short, hope you don’t get hit by this monster, because you WILL die if you get hit by it...
The true combo is actually R1>L2>R1 instead of R1>L1>R1, but I'm sure most people realize
Yeah, I did L1 without realizing and was like: oh, duh.
My farming recommendation: 1) equip your farming gear. For rings, I recommend equipping the hornet ring and the slumbering dragoncrest ring alongside your gold serpent ring. 2) start at cleansing chapel. 3) head through the first shortcut doors on the right side of the chapel. 4) take the elevator up. 5) go down the stairs to the right. 6) replenish health, use a coin, and buff. 7) backstab and finish the job. 8) rinse and repeat. Note: I like this method because you don't have to worry about fighting more than one enemy at a time.
Curiously, a Blood Gem doesn't seem to increase the bleed damage, but it still decreases the base stats.
No, it doesn't increase the damage per se but It increases the rate in which the bleed procs
This great hammer may not have the best raw damage or scaling compared to the other GHs, but it more than makes up for it because it’s just plain fun to use. While most GHs have a variation of Perseverance, which is nice for poise, the WA is a joy for swarming enemies (turns Deacons of the Deep into Deacons of the Stunlock), and if you can proc a bleed, it makes up for the missing damage. Great range, buffable, great hyper armor, and with the right combos, makes any fairly large enemy a breeze. Only downsides are that it’s a pain to farm and you don’t get a maniacal cackle when you’re swinging it. But I can live with that.


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Lightning infusion shows a gain in dark damage instead of lightning.
Works fairly well on my Hollow build despite low scaling with Luck. I also carry a +10 Hollow Lothric Shield in my left which adds another 5 Luck levels, meaning at 40 Luck, the weapons boost me to 50. Casting Carthus Flame Arc and Power Within really racks up damage, even more so with Fire Clutch Ring. I also have fairly high Vitality to wear some medium armor with this combo and still get fast roll, which catches a lot of people off guard. Bleed isn’t terribly fast, but it helps every now and again. Hard to choose whether this weapon or Great Mace is better though.