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Whether they are creepy or not, they are the only enemy that drops Budding Green Blossoms, so if you want to maximize your PvP experience, you'll need to farm these guys.

I can understand being afraid of them because you have a fear of spiders, but I also have a fear of spiders, and they don't freak me out that much... oh well, I'll never know.
They are pretty creep, but really easy oponents, as you can stunlock them with any straight sword.
I close my eyes everytime i fight this ugly*****s
I don't like spiders irl but I usually don't have a problem with spiders in video games. And that thing isn't even a spider but those long limbs are what's getting to me, I think. After getting mault by one of those I just want to get rid of my character and make a new one
spiders are cool u wuss
Hope one enters your mouth while you sleep if you like them so much, it will be fun seeing the girly sounds you gonna make when you wake up lol