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Looking forward to fight this thing
No you dont
Is it still bugged? I read on reddit that this quest may crash you game in the credits and you lose your saved file
Didn't happen to me, though I had audio at 0 so I'm not sure if that affects anything.
just completed it no issues aside from the communication error
It was never bugged. That guy *****ed up his video codecs, so and it saved for him before the cutscene.
It is not a bug. During the last cut scene the game calls on a video codec to play the video, if the codec is missing the game crashes and the save is unplayable. If that happens you just need to install the codec and reload the save. I would still back up the save before starting the quest, though as it never hurts and only takes a few seconds. Here is the reddit post where it is explained and also has a link to the codecs that are required-
Welp never mind about the link; can't seem to do that here just search ' "Xeno save corruption bug" Does not exist. Proof. ' on reddit.
I did mine yesterday without crashing
never been a fun of oversized monster, too easy to get hit or oneshotted
is this a solo boss or can i get friend to join me ?
A friend can join you. Or 3 if you want.
If you don't get a friend to help you your *****ed up your in for a rough ride my friend