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Nameless is a bad camera/input delay nightmare and it's only made to frustrate noobs who are used to rolling at normal times and actually being able to see what's happening. Midir is a better fight because he's actually hard and Friede is always going to be #1 because you get to see her feet nomnomnom.
Midir is worse because the camera is as terrible and they have high HP/defense for the sake of difficulty. Friede is a bad Lady Maria copy pasted boss. This is one of the few bosses that diversifies throughout the fight.
Midir is hard & Difficult, but still give you chances to heal & hit, Nameless King is a *****ing casul, favor to spam R1 on you with his extremely high stamina..i stuck with him almost in every class i played..
Have you ever tried hitting him with Storm Ruler ? Me neither.
lol, that's a good point, i wonder if it would have any sort of special effect on him. probably not, but it might actually make the first phase a lot easier. i'm sure someone has tried it though
Well you've found one, and that went out the window, down the highway, and into a Truck, spray painted with a dragon on it!
actually re-run it again with storm ruler on 3+ in just 10 mins i got him on half health with that sword
everyone always says this is the hardest boss in the game, i couldn't disagree more, i don't know if it's because i used a dark infused weapon or what but i just easily beat this guy solo with only a dark longsword, it only took me a couple of tries because the first phase makes the camera ***** up so bad half the time you can't see yourself the other half of the time you can only see the dragons feet, but other than that, the second phase was really predicable and easy to dodge, darkeater midir is much harder to kill, but that's only because that fight is total bull*****and everyone knows it
I find Gael harder than both of them.....that *****ing cape man
It's because you have dark weaponry with you..both the Pelican and Nameless King are bad against Dark.. Give Thanks to your Dark Longsword my friend..
Entire fight in a few minutes with great crystal soul spear. Less than a minute with great soul dregs.
P1: Lightning Blade + anything really + headshots on dragon = Riposte and win P2: Spam DGnaw at a distance, if no blue gatorade whack a few times between casts if confident or just have a simple weapon to regen the FP and hope you get enough Easy
Wtf is this page talking about?? I got the TTS just fine before killing him after I rung the bell


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Easy way to kill for People without dlc to get soul dreg. For caster mainly.... Phase 1- both Miracle rings, lighting clutch ring and the priestess ring if you want. With your highest light spear like spell... Phase 2 replace rings with pyromancy rings and fire clutch ring then use fire spells... This set up I 3 shot the KOS (had 50 faith and int for my first fight) and the king got burn easy aslong you Dodge right. I was hoping for a harder fight after all my friends who play it complain he was so hard.
“Can be staggered” At what *****ing point?? I was *****ing him up with the Earth Seeker and he didn’t stagger ONCE
The first phase can be staggered if you only get headshots (i'm using Wolnir's Holy Sword +5 and after 8 hits he staggers and i can move in for the big animation finish)
Not many people know he can be staggered i stepped out the way when he sweep swings, then i do a run attack then get out the way i've manage to stagger him a few times, hey if i can do it you can too
He can be staggered. I only managed to kill him after staggering his tanky *** two times in stage2, because i just couldn't dodge his delayed lightning bolt. I used astora gs and i think it took like 4-5 hits in a row to stagger him.
God, I hate having to solo this guy. ***** you and your high-value pelican.
"But he has not so great range, so dodging him and getting out of the melee-zone should be no problem here." Well this is a lie, if he doesn't have range how come all his attacks can attack me from the other side of the area. He has some of the best range out of all the bosses in the game. He literally will leap from across the room with an attack or a very long thrust. Nice troll job with that advice.
Guess you just have bad luck, I've gone Dorphy's Gnawing and just spammed it from max range, and he just walked slowly towards me.
Yeah, faith build destroys this guy. Sunlight Spear drops the dragon in three hits and then Dorhyrs Gnawing. It's still not super easy in the second phase, but it hits him really hard.