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These were in Demon Souls I believe.
Yup except they were the actual shield and poked like the rotten flesh of aldia
they were the first boss
Is it ever explained what they actually are? I know they're Hollows, but what the **** turned them into slugs, lmao.
They drop the large leather shield, but it looks like they use an upsized version of the target shield.
Did they lower the drop rate on these? Same thing with slabs, from the dark wraiths in New Londo. Spent a lot more time farming than I like.
If you lack an area damage spell to take them out, they can still be farmed quickly and safely by wearing the ring of fog or using hidden body. These guys are VERY stupid and VERY slow, you will be able to run straight into them and start hacking away without any retaliation, as they seem unable to determine your location even when you're right on top of them. This may not be exactly the case, but even if they can sense you in their immediate vicinity they can't turn to face you fast enough to hit you before they're dead. With Quelaag's Furysword I could kill them all in just 3 or 4 two-handed R2 attacks. As fast as anything.
A few tips for farming: 1. You want as many souls as possible, so use "Covetous Silver Serpent Ring" to get 120% souls, add "Symbol of Avarice" and make it 144% and finish it up with "Overkilling" every single one of them, that way you have a total of 172.8%! Now instead of 7,000 souls you get 12.096! 2. Getting the Ring I mentioned before and the Symbol isn't that hard, the trick is to get Overkills easily, so let me explain - Phalanx have 335 HP, to get the Overkill souls bonus you have to do 150% damage of the enemy's health, Meaning you need to do AT LEAST 502.5 every hit. There are many ways to do it but instead of putting 30 points into stats all you need is Power Within and two-hand your weapon, I go with the Silver Knight Straight Sword because it's swift and makes it easy to hit them, but go with whatever you want.