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how many augment slots will it have?
nevermind, the devil may cry event page said that it could only be augmented once
It will have one augment slot since it's a rarity 8 charge blade.
Best Augment?
Am I the only one running into problems when I try to charge the blade? I do the whole vial buildup, then charge the shield just fine, but when I build up more vials I can't seem to charge the blade itself. Is that a bug or am I just missing the timing, because I swear it does an animation as if to charge the blade, but the sword icon doesn't light up.
When you charge the blade do you see a blue ring glow around it? Other than that, the blade works perfectly fine for me and has never happened.
You have to hold the o button down to fully charge the blade. You'll see the character do a different longer animation when you hold it down then release
Charging the blade actually doesn’t require phials, you just need to have your shield chatged
How do you get this to white sharpness? I've tried handicraft and I see people with the whiteness
If you look at the sharpness meter, there's no room for white sharpness. This thing probably has the most blue sharpness of any weapon, and it fills the rest of the bar.
Best charge blade so far, you can either give it elemental gems for more lightning dmg or go the KO route and is still OP as hell w/e one you pick
Force Edge...
I think while it is more closely modeled after force edge I think they were going with more of an Alastor vibe, It is a Lightening blade after all. I think if it was Force Edge it would be dragon or fire or blast
wth so many materials for a cb that just looks cool and even isnt that good
that's cheap. Not good. right... about that.
tfw no rebellion