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Good luck hitting a quickstepper with this, you should probably have a SS to counter this or other fast methods (though if you manage to hit them with a UGS, they'll be taking like 600+ damage)
Or anyone that stands outside of the range. It's impossible to win if the opponent has an Avelyn or a Spear with longer reach that the Ultra Swords.
WHats the best UGS ive literaly been looking for hours just not something from the ringed city
Best damage (per hit): Lothric Knight GS
Best damage (DPS): Ringed Knight Paired GS (Also best moveset)
Most versatile (Can work on most builds): Astora GS
They're all bad for PvP honestly. Once you get figured out it's so easy to deal with these slow pieces of iron.
Damage: Lothric Knight Greatsword
Combos: Black Knight (you have to be very close to connect it which makes it risky tho: it's an R1 then you unlock into a reverse R2 hit it with the back slam then reverse it again to hit the R2 uppercut).
Versatility for builds: Astora's
Fun: Farron
For pure fun factor they pretty much all have something to recommend them. I find the Fume Ultra Greatsword & The Greatsword are both some of the best all-around weapons, thanks to their excellent move sets, power and reach. Astora's is a big hit because it scales amazingly well with every infusion.
Should be banned in pvp. It's pvp easy mode using these weapons. Borderline cheating even.
Git Gud
Another **** * git good comment. To stupid to ever think someone like me doesn't consistently beat Ultra Greatsword users. Ironically you don't have to be good at all with Ultra Greatswords.
Just swing, and roll baby. All day long. No skill needed. Op weapons, one shot kills, luck lag, and somehow these dark souls *** think they are good because they stun locked someone with a one two kill. Please.
I personally find UGS really easy to fight, Just space them.
I'll actually give you an advice here, instead of saying something original as "git gud".
Get up close and personal, when they swing, try dodging behing them, they swing again? dodge behind them once more. If you unlock as you dodge behind them you can get an "easy" backstab. Just practise my dear friend. And you'll punish them for swining twice. Since they gets locked in the animation after the second swing. And you get the time to get a backstab if you're quick enough.

When you get the hang of this, you will start loving it when people bring their ultras. And btw. Git gid.
jesus you are the stupidest cuck i've ever come across on these forums. i would personally shake hands and congratulate every single UGS user that pounded your sorry *** into the dirt. stop complaining and go play another game like overwatch, where you *****es can complain all you want and the devs will bow down to you.
git gud
Which of these best for PVE
Personally used Lothric Knight GS because of its high AR (combination with sharp infusion and lightning blade) and its hyperarmor which is good against pve enemies with poise.
Lothric Knight GS is really great for build with high faith. You can use it either with Lightning Blade & Sharp infusion (for massive 850-900 AR when buffed), or with Blessed infusion for respectable 730-780 AR along with HP regen.
Also, LKGS is one of the best weapon VS Lothric Knights (ironically), as it staggers them indefinetely with mere R1 spam.
Fume Ultra Greatsword has incredible reach. It can also absolutely murder anything in a couple of hits.
They're all about even for PVE, so it depends on what move set you're looking for and how much weight you can handle.
Paired ugs hands down best pve wep.
Great for pve, terrible for pvp. Good reach, damage, hyper armor, and un-parriable. However attacks are so slow, a competent straight sword user can attack between blows and roll away. Or back stab. Best for pure strength builds and anti-ganking, fun invasion weapons as the hyper armor can punish and out trade **** groups, but don't take into the arena.
Put your glasses on, nothing will be wrong...
You sir are the reason I came here.
Invasions are crazy fun with black knight greatsword. Some tips:
After using a strong attack, the sword ends up behind you and out of sight for the enemy. The second strong attack happens to start from behind your body, precisely where it ended up after the first R2. This means that after the first strong attack, many players will see the opportunity and move in to attack you while you are "vulnerable", when in reality you are already charging a second strong attack.
The same goes for rolling strong attacks. It is quite concealed and hard to spot, especially when there are other things to take the host's attention away. Such as mobs or the host's own team mates.
The occasional experienced host can consistently dodge R2s, counter this by holding R2 slightly longer to roll catch.
Pretend you are running away when you are on low health, and suddenly turn around with an R1 or rolling R2.
Drink estus a safe distance away to lure them in to attack, then punish.

For those people having difficulty hitting quick steppers I suggest attacking un locked on and switching up your attack times.

Most Ultra users just spam r1 that’s why dagger users have the advantage.

You can easily catch these guys off guard if you just switched up your timing
Which one has the most AR without infusions but fully upgraded?
Depends on your stats, but Lorian's Greatsword has the most AR without scaling.
No, Lothric knight greatsword has the highest at +10 it has (436 AR (262 Physcal 174 Lightning)) The Lorian's Greatsword at +5 has (420 AR (276 Physcal 144 Fire)) This is without scaling or infusions.
Thume ugs
For the Lothric knight greatsword which infusion would be the best? I have now 62 str and 52 dex.
With those stats, sharp actually does more damage. Use this AR calculator to get more info Most people prefer to lightning infuse the weapon because it allows better shield chip for pvp.
Chaos or Dark unless you use weapon buffs (in which case, sharp is the best).