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Does it only affect your own character who consumes the Food or also other characters who eat your coocked Food ?
Only the character that has this talent.
Same reason someone with a peanut allergy couldn't safely gorge on peanuts that were roasted by someone without one.
Why it's not double effect of buff potions? Most useless talent by far
works on Food but all the time you put into crafting potions to use with this dont bother. It doesnt effect potions at the moment
Why does it say an excellent talent for Lone Wolf in the tips? Because food heals based off of percentages? I guess it would matter if you even got hurt as a Lone Wolf before you kill everything. Seems like a waste of a talent for Lone Wolf to me. Coming from Honour mode difficulty, so I imagine it's even worse on Classic or Explorer.
Most food give buffs to strength, Wits ect ect, this talent in combo with Lonewolf doubles that buff.
If you play shadow assassin with the right dmg + life steal build, everything besides damaging weapon skills can be totally irrelevant. I found this talent to be quite useful if you are playing lone wolf summoner or some sort of dedicated tank. This can also be extremely useful early game (act 1) since it enables you to be healed to full with healing potions :)
Works on potions by doubling their strength with same duration.
> NOTE: Despite what the in-game tooltip says, it does NOT affect potions, only food items.
Now it does.
Yes, it does.
I haven't played much with this but glossing over the potion index I realized there are some powerful potions out there. One gives 50% dodge for 2 turns and is produced with one water essence of any quality. That would be 100% dodge for 2 turns! That's one good potion if I ever saw one, and dirt cheap too! Food ain't half bad either with this talent as your regular 'dinner' grants 40% vitality restoration and the extra strength. 40% is a good heal, have two if you like... I think this is one of the better talents actually, almost nerfably good.
Sorry for the lie but it was 30% heal with a 'dinner'. Still good enough.
If this talent did what it was supposed to do, it would be great. I'm a little pissy about finding out it doesn't work toward the end of a harder battle I had decided to use potions to win. Boooooooo!
effect applied when consuming, not upon crafting
Also +1 to all stats with Attar