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It's worth pointing out that the Sentinel starts off able to wield almost all of the best strength weapons in the game at the base stat of 7 str because of the soul ability, making it a solid choice for the "Perfect Run" achievement in which you don't level up and eat the game in under 4 hours.
The noble is also a solid choice, because it gives you a way to spend all the build up shards that you aren't using.
You "EAT" the game?! ...What's it taste like?
playing 5hours on this class. Maybe i suck im lvl 24 and have only beaten owlking so far. Boring grinding to level up and the combat is dull. Shold i pick another class? which is better, cus i think this class is crap and i never block anyway since the mechanic is*****.
I am currently doing a mortal run with sentinel, just equip the aura that boosts vit by 15 and that helm that boosts it by 5, extra 20 vit right there.
I am level 7 sentinel and I brute forced a win on my first try, maybe try equipping that aura that gives 15+ vitality and try rolling behind him when he is attacking.