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Oceiros is disappointingly easy. If you pummel him into stage two, his psychotic charges are 10x easier to dodge than Vordt’s
Are you kidding me? He doesn't telegraph his charges and sometimes spams them until death, how are those easier to dodge? In your defense though, he is a very sporadic and flailing around type boss which makes the fight some what trivial
are you kidding ME? he was easy as hell...
Yo, wheres the ender dragon.
In the Nether
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ok ummmmmm.......fu#k you
Crystal Sage is parryable and you can ripost him. Anyone correct this please!
No you cant
If you stay close to him he sometimes will take out the crystal sage's rapier to attack you in which case you can parry and repost him.
Wait, the wyvern dies in 1 hit with a plunge? Lmao I just stabbed his tail till he dropped. Kinda dissapointed now
If u drop a cinder can u get it back
I mean the cinder of a lord
You can't drop cinders, they have key item status
Easiest boss: *****Eater Midir lel goml nibba
he is easy tho
so, lightning is the best choice to infuse weapon to
On some bosses or dragons yes. On some others use holy or fire but there isn't ONE element everything is weak to.
can someone help me with ng12 darkeater midir
Demon Prince is immune to poison. It states this on his page, but not here.