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Her whip has **** hyperarmor. Her Whip. Whip.
They should have called her "Scrub Wrecker Zoey" judging by the comments here...
Use a good bow, kill thralls first, hit her just before she casts but not earlier as she will dodge or later as you may get hit. I used Dragonrider bow +4 and wood arrows. Back up while firing to avoid whip, and rush past her so you don't run out of room and fall off.
Black knight ultra is her doom



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Ugh, queen of the friggin' Desert Sorceresses. A good way to deal with this ***** and her annoying pals is ambush them with Hidden Body and Spook, then blast the***** out of them a couple times with Wrath of the Gods.


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Am I the only one here for the boobs and tits comments?
Just use vow of silence, lure her off the cliff, and let the Harald Knight take care of her if you really are so bad at the game that you can't kill her.
How do you make it up to the Soul of Cinder or past Ariandel and cant beat Xoey lol. Unheard of
More like how the ***** do you spell zoey with an x
My pyromancer just disappeared, and i didnt killed her
She will drop off the cliff alot but the fall wont kill her. Either reload or find her in the cave down below



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Not exactly hard as npc's come. Here is how I handled her. (Quality build 40str/40dex)(Armor: Black Set)(NG+2) 1. Used a bow to get the thralls attention and killed them. 2. BUFFS, they will make the fight so much easier use any weapon/character buff of your choice except fire weapon buffs. 3. Use a weapon with charge/shield splitter or something that swings fast and can stun-lock, that way you can punish her if she tries to cast or use it to catch her rolls. (I used Darkdrift +5 with Brigand Twin-daggers +10.) 4. Rinse and repeat. (Note: You can also just use a greatshield and get in close and pummel her with a great weapon.)
I played a Strenght build and I just locked on, rolled her flame orb and pummeled her until she rolled. Wait until she uses estus or cast flame orb, role through and pummel her again with your Great Mace.
Thanks for this, I was struggling with a UGS against her so after your advice I ended up using Friede's Great Scythe. Dodge her fireball throws, L2+R1,R1,R1, back off. She runs out after 2 estus flasks.
As a quality build, I couldn't use vow of silence. She throws fire orbs at range and dodge arrows. At reach, she spam flame fan, so I couldn't get near. She easily fell to Avelyn, fired during her casting frames.