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Been having a lot of fun with these things and a light build. Sharp + lightning weapon. Nobody expects the nasty little axe murder plans you can pull off. You can also go one handed with a light parrying shield for additional entertainment value if your opponents enjoy parrying.
While I love these things in PvP, these things DESTROY bosses in PvE (duh), but if you are stuck on a boss and you have these things, use em, and it will shred.
20 str, 12 dex , 20 end - buffed with fire resin - L1, L1, L1, slight break, then repeat and the crystal sage did not go into phase two before dying
Is WA parryable?
Although I love these weapons, I find it has two downsides:
1. Leap attack has no tracking
2. WA is slow to start and not very effective



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I dunno man, the WA works wonders for me in the arena. Especially when paired with a Weapon Skill shield. You can swap between 1h and 2h and have the WA be available when not expected. The L1, L1, R1, L1 etc. combo chain is of course, brutal. It has a bit of hyperarmor at the beginning, and if you time it well, you can land an embarrassing amount of punishment. I like to save it as a finishing move, once my opponent has gotten used to the flow of combat excluding it.


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There is a mistake in the scaling with heavy infusion. Heavy +10 has A scaling, not B.
These things are hilarious on bosses that don't resist their damage type. L1 mashing (especially with Pontiff's Right Eye) rips and tears.
Whats best between Hollow and Heavy... or just whats best for it
depend on your stats, i have 60 luck, and 40 40 str dex, its better hollow for me, but don't scales so much better, so for me is better 60 60 str dex with refined if compared