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Looks sweet, where to find it?
wear a fire stoneplate ring
irithyll of the boreal valley
Going out of the Irithyll church, turn left to the stairs and a few steps later you will see an isolated fire witch below you. Drop on the fire witch's head like a bastard and kill him before he can do anything. Run back to bonfire and repeat. Each run take about 20 seconds and I got the full set in about 30 runs with gold serpent ring and symbol of avarice.
A male witch is called a "warlock". You could have just offended many people for weird reasons (because it's the Internet).
Very fashionable with Silver Knight Armor and Lothric Knight Leggings
The only issue I got with this helmet is how slim it is compared to the other helmet. In fact, my character's head without an helmet is wider, making the helm looking as if it was crushing my character's head. Guess the fire witches had quit some small heads.