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Perhaps Aldrich were a gravelord servant in the past, because he uses a very similar spell in his staff, and (or) a follower of the occult. In the Effigy shield´s description in dark souls 1 says that the followers of the occult tried to kill the gods AND this includes Gwyndolin and Nito. So, because the gravelord sword dance is a miracle and Aldrich were a cleric, he perhaps used the gravelord powers to kill gwyndolin and thousands of people before.

Or not. Dark souls 3 lore is chaotic as ****. In any case \[T]/
I came here specifically to mention the Effigy Shield, but ya beat me to it. This group of cultists specifically tried to "steal the power of Nito," which seems to be exactly what Aldrich accomplished.
A lot of people think that he consumed Nito due to the Life Hunt Scythe attack he does.
**** this piece of **** dipshit
Well he wasn't that hard (especially when you consider who you were fighting in that room last time), I got him on the third try with my uchigatana and legion set on a pure dex build. The arrows are deadly and his teleportation killed me once but get close to him and his melee animation is a dead give away, you just have to roll to his tail and bring the pain :)
I somehow killed him fussy try with a farron greatsword +3 or +4
I found that the best way to dodge a soul spear is by running to the side of it. The only other way is to roll perfectly, as in a tiny bit before it hits. But that can be hard to do, so if you run to the left or right of it, (in a straight line) I have had an easier time. This may also rely on your running speed. If your a slow runner because of your heavy armor, it probably wont work. Also, if you don't want to deal with that bull crap, then just get close to him and stay BEHIND him. That way, his arrow barrage will be shot on the opposite side which allows you to score more hits. When he gets a fire buff, back off and wait for him to launch homing arrow rain. Go passive then and avoid them until it ceases, and then get close for melee combat. You WILL have to suffer fire damage. An easy way to minimize this affect is to wear armor with a high resistance to fire. (duh) Even with that though, you will eventually have to back off again to heal, and deal with homing arrow rain again. I beat him in 2 tries with this using a +9 Astora Greatsword two-handed. (Of course you don't need this) I also had the grass-crest shield equipped to help with my stamina consumption. Also, if you have it, I'd use the Carthus Arc to buff my weapon.
"Don't get too nonchalant and take him seriously, and you can end the fight well, without using your embers or buffs, which can be used on harder bosses. Think of Aldrich as about 50% harder than the Crystal Sage, and you have a good estimation of how powerful his character build is."

This is easily one of the most asinine things I've read. It's completely subjective and should be removed from the article.


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Someone's salty because Aldrich gave them a difficult time.
Ahh. The definitive experience of fighting a caster. Some stupid jackoff who runs away to throw powerful attacks at you. The part that makes aldrich really suck is that unlike a normal caster fight he doesn't die in two hits after putting 60 some odd points into intelligence and nothing else...
Look devs haf to make it kind of hard. Destroying the magic classes for PvP is a thing but are you seriously asking for a pve nerf ? Wtf...
What is a caster supposed to do? Get close and personal despite being casters?
Uhhh if anybody wants to give me a hand with this guy on xbox, would be appreciated. I've tried pretty hard, but if you wanna do me a solid my gamertag is CoolGuyMcShooty. Thanks to anyone in advance.
Sure. GT:Lil Michael R
Hey, they made Gwyndolin into a boss that isn't the most tedious thing in the series to face. And all he had to do was get eaten.


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I love this boss, love fighting it, love the semi-devoured Gwyndolin. Love the aesthetics and the lore.