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30 D E X T E R I T Y
But don't tell anyone you leveled that up.


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30 dex is insane. However, I guess sporting this weapon in pvp is for bragging. I haven’t beaten Raime yet (not that I tried)
it's actually very good in pvp, because as you attack vertically, you can still aim at the player, even if they dodge. it makes it ridiculesly OP
so, can you buff the sword? it only says it can't be buffed with resins, could someone please clarify that?
yes you can buff it with spellbuffs but not resins
That's not true, it cannot be buffed by neither spell buffs not resins. Sacred Oath miracle still works, though.
Can you powerstance it with fume straightsword?
No, unfortunately
Can you do the dark/fire buff with it like during the boss fight or no?