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Of all the Items... They decide to nerf this?
Man I love when people use these now, gives me just enough time to collect all the mobs in the area and bring them to the host where I can watch it backfire onto them horribly.
I've got to say it's pretty rare for people to use this seed nowadays.
In my entire invading experience(in 2018) hosts have used this only once. And that time he got way too confident and I ended up 2 hitting him along with the silver knight with an 832 AR dark greatsword.
People still use this on me.
Pretty sure I always get a seed when I check the tree after every invasion.


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So am i the only one that doesnt use estus during invasions or when i get invaded? because when people invade me for the most part i can 2-3 shot them and for some reason the invaders set is geniue garbage and if they do hit me it deals tops 200ar idk i just Dont use estus because i always thought its a ***** move also tears of denial GO ***** YOURSELF
wtf is this troll attempt
You sound like the ultimate imbecile.
...Why does that hole exist?
Am I the only one curious as to why there is a DS2 Giant in DS3? Same type of Tree Giant in DS2, but we see none of that particular type of Giant in DS1 or
Yo guys someone knows if theres a way to get this seed while being totaly offline? i mean totaly, no cable, no wifi.
I remember in ds2 you could simply start with it, but in ds3 i think there is no such way. I need this thing to get solaire pants xD
Just get one through a scripted npc invasion
The nerf is perfect, shut up. If the invader doesn’t use their environment, they’re walking into a 2v1 or 3v1, the host has increased hp, and the invader has reduced estus; the invader doesn’t need every enemy to turn on them as well. Invaders can’t abuse the aggro either. The seed no longer plays a major role during invasions, but they’re now more common so they can be used more often.
Sure bc it's definetly fair in the farron keep.
Okay so this is completly **** anywhere but in Anor Londo. Thx fight clubs and gankers for ruining one of the only defense against invaders when you progress throught the game. Literally this was made I'm 99% sure just bc ppl must have used it to insta kill invaders there not thinking about the actual repercussion anywhere else. Bravo from soft.