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At 50 int and 40 faith this has 225 spell buff
beast miracles tool in the game, very good to miracle as mutch then sorcery, i personely use it all the time.


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Best miracle tool in the game would be Yorshka's Chime, if by "best" you mean "strongest". With 60 Faith, Yorshka's does something like 20% more damage than Crystal at 45int+45fth when casting lightning miracles, and significantly more than that with physical miracles and healing miracles (since those only scale with Faith and Yorshka's has much better Faith scaling).
What does physical miracles mean?


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Emit Force, Wrath of God, Divine Pillars of Light, and Way of White Corona. They're called physical miracles because they do physical damage.
I found a pretty terrifying build using this chime. Find yourself the Morne’s, sun’s first born, and lightning clutch rings. Go to the grand archives to pick up the chime and sunlight straightsword. Find the Lothric war banner, and transpose Sister Friede’s soul into the rise of Ariandel. Upgrade everything. Equip all your new bling. First, use the Rose WA, then the SSS WA, then cast deep protection (in that exact order), and finally war banner. Then equip the sunlight spear miracle. At 40-40 INT and faith, I was able to pull 1400 damage by jamming a sunny spear into Midir’s eyeball at point-blank range.
Side note: one-shotted a Spear of the Church using this build.
How much time do the WA buffs have? Because in my experience they'll all run low before you get to use them more than once. And that's a tricky combo mid fight.
It now seems Miracles are viable now?
To much investment. Just use the DSGA for midir LOL



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added mention of healing miracles only scaling with faith on this catalyst. added spellbuff info.
So, this is pretty much for pyromancers?
I don't think so, but I don't know for sure. I think it's meant only for faith and sorcery spells. As far as I know, only the Pyromancy flame and the Demon Scar can cast pyromancy spells.
The white hair talisman casts both miracles and pyromancies.
I'd say yes, it gives you access to both Sorceries and Mircales in one catalyst and is better than any other staff/chime/talisman at 40 Intelligence or Faith. For Sorceries only the Archdecan's Great Staff with Steady Chant active does more damage than the Crystal Chime. It may not cast Pyromancies but it gives Pyromancers a way to use Miracles and Sorceries in a nice little package. In other words it gives Pyromancers versatility in what they can do.

The Izalith Staff is better for Dark Sorceries either the Sunless Talisman or the Caitha's Chime are better for Dark Miracles.

The White Hair Talisman is trash as it's not very good outside of using buffs that don't scale (Sacred Oath, Deep Protection, Bountiful Light, Power Within, etc), but anything that uses Spell Buff it's awful.

Also this chime is REALLY GOOD for the Midir fight as a Pyromancer as you can cast Pestilent Mist, Bountiful Light and offensive Lightning Miracles (Lightning Arrow, Great Lightning Spear and Sunlight Spear) without having to swap casting tools, which is a lifesaver in that fight.
No. this does not cast pyromancy's. It says MIRACLES and SORCERY. God this comment section. Sunless Talisman for Miracle/Pyro
Man, what is with that ***** that responded before me? Yes, it’s for pyromancer. Sunless and Caithas are good for pyromancers casting DARK spells and sorcerIes. Neither of which cast pyromancers so idk what the stupid ***** was on about, unless he’s actually trying to talk about the white hair talisman, which isn’t really for any class because it’s completely terrible. It scales with faith,int. I want to say it also Softcaps at 45/45. Those are pyromancer stats. There’s no such thing as a hybrid build. That’s just a stupid made up name for either a terrible sorcery build or a terrible miracle build.
Also it is insanely stupid that I cannot request desktop site without it simply forcing me back to the mobile version. This mobile site is TERRIBLE. I had to type that whole comment and most of this one blind because the cursor just keeps going on past the visible textbox area.
As a pure pyro, this kicks *** as an alternative to the flame if you need a heal or alternate spell/lightening damage. "Hybrid" mage/miracle builds are literally pyromancers with different load-outs btw. Don't kid yourself, this is for pyromancers who know to stay away from the White Hair Talisman.
Crystal Chime for HSM, HSA, GHSA, Flashsword/Soul GS mix-ups, and Lightning Arrow, Caitha for Dorhys'. Rose of Ariandel is also good at 40 Fai and is probably the best miracle catalyst for you to cast LB or DMB with. So Chime is great for Lighting Arrow and damage sorceries, but bad at weapon buffs, close range miracles(talisman WA needed), dark spells, and healing. Rose at 40Fai has SB 185, which isn't bad. I would only use Crystal Chime for pve weakness exploiting.
If I don't meet the FTH requirement, will my sorceries deal less damage and vice-versa?
The only miracles that get the int scaling are lightning ones and the only lightning spell that's useful without unfaltering prayer is lightning arrow :| good sorcery catalyst though
It's for sorcery/miracle hybrid builds. The pyro talisman is the white hair thing, since it cast pyromancies AND miracles.
Aaaand it's*****ty as hell
consider it soft cap at 45/45 , it is best thing for pyro to cast almost all spell in game with pyro flame , you can use one build to cast all type of spell and still have a lot of damage , very ridiculous for pyro imo
Sadly it's way smarter to use different catalysts for both. Higher damage for the spells and talisman are better if you're trying to use a damage miracle. I'd say this is useful if you're trying a healer/sorcerer but even then filianor catalyst would be better for the aoe increase.
The white hair talisman is a piece of garbage. It has very low spell power, and what's worse it lacks the poise weapon art. Imagine if you could trade an UGS R1 with Chaos Vestiges...
The stupid qualifiers on these faith/int combo scaling items. This miracle scales with int but these ones don't, this sorcery scales with faith but these ones don't, dark miracles scale with both except when Jupiter is in retrograde and the temperature is between 60-70 F. For *****'s sake From, just have it do what the spell buff says.


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This made me laugh harder than it should.
You forgot to take the vernal equinox into account, fool!
you could always just use another staff / chime. the convenience makes up for the confusion for me.