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I can't believe this quest is still bugged for real (after years). If you give them the potions at the same time, they won't return to the town and the quest will stay unfinished until act 3. This is some really amateur level scripting right there. Shouldn't expect much from kickstarter games though.
The game has several fairly major quest bugs that have been reported since release yet still haven't been fixed. Like Love Has a Price can't be completed by Red Prince, Lovrik doesn't say anything to progress the quest. Also Unlikely Lovers is really messed up, as it often doesn't close despite escorting Almira to safety. She even goes on the Lady Vengance but just straight up vanishes when you go to the next act, the quest log then saying you didn't help them. So you miss out on a great trader and the rest of her quests. A lot of people have had her disappear because of this. Yet they still haven't bothered to fix it.
Game was released in September 2017, so your "after years" is kids *******.