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I think if you kill him right after releasing him he won't invade you
I'm gonna *****ing kill this son of a *****.
So, can I just do the individual victims quests for their items and then talk to him, pretending that I killed them? He asked me to kill the ladder maker and bring him the miniature, but I already purchased it and he went ahead to the next target. If I read it right, after lighting enough flames, the cartographer gives me his gear (helmet included, as well as a trophy) ; can I just do that instead?? I already have the Sunset staff and the feather is given to me in the next area.
Yes, you dont need to kill anyone, just to have the items he want with you when you talk to him.


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To be fair I found it much quicker to kill the emerald herald but I also speedrun and have to buy bonfire ascetics for quick farm from him as well as collwct the aged feather early. No real reprucusions
Except on a certain sidequest where you need to choose one NPC.
This is the worst **** ever.
Thank you Dark Souls
Oh that's where the weak hexxer invader came from
I am going to have no regrets killing him - RK14