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when it says it was fashioned after the one of the old hunters- its talking about Maria right?
The hunter mentioned in the description is probably djura.
Does no one know what style the hat is. I'm not referring to eras like Victorian or what not. I'm talking about style. No one on the wikis ever says, and I can't figure anything out through image searches on Google. Does anyone have any idea what hat this actually is? And don't say Hunters Hat, I know it is the Hunters Hat. I want to know the style of the Hunters Hat, nothing more nothing less. Please and thank you.


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I don’t think there’s really any actual style of the hat as it’s meant to be withered at the sides, but it looks very similar to a leather tricorne. Could be just me that thinks that is how it’s almost supposed to look but I’m sure there is no style that is exact to that.
It is a trifold hat with the back fold removed. If that's what you meant.
I'm a fashion history teacher. It is a beaten up and worn tricorne. The back has been torn away.