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Is it worth it to infuse that thing with Crystal if you go for a 60 int, 40 dex build?
use greatsword of judgement or a 1 shot combo build with sellswords
instead sellswords i prefer the warden twinsblades : you lose little dmg (~ 20AR) but you get a bleed effect which is not negligible
Log Entry #436: I've been farming the Carthus Shotel for about 20 years now. I promised my wife and kids I would come back, however I don't think i'll make it. Tell them I love them.
I'll make sure they know you died a hero
135 thumbs up... i cant even. Lol


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This is the best comment on the whole wiki. The first reply is awesome too.
Can this parry when used in your offhand?
As it is a heavy curved sword, it has the standard left hand mechanics. Basically, no, it cannot parry.
find skeletons with this weapon, just on the left corridor, after the down stairs on the left, by the rolling skeleton ball from Catacombs of catrhus bonfire.
This or the barbed straight sword for a bleed/hollow build?
I can highly recommended the Barbed Straight Sword, it's not a mega hitter but it does hit fast and soon builds up the damage.
I personally prefer the barbed straight sword because it just feels better no matter what other weapons I like I always preferred the barbed but the shotel has better range so basically they are evenly matched other than in range so in the end it just comes down to whether you like curved swords or straight swords better
lot more reach than the barbed ss. me like :)
Now it is just the R2s on the Shotels that ignore shields, is that correct?
Correct. I like carrying a shotel in one of my right hand equip slots to punish greatshield turtles.



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From the notes on this very page: Has innate shield pierce: 65% on heavy attacks, 35% on the first and second spin of the weapon skill, 55% on the last spin of the weapon skill, and 15% on all other attacks.


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50 dex + dark or chaos infusion makes it one of the best weapons you could ever ask for as a hexer/pyromancer. Not only is the damage fantastic, the weapon skill on it, when used as a follow up for a normal swing, can hit for around 800-900 damage. Oh and the shield damage on it is pretty good. 1 swing against even the mightiest of shields will still do at least 75 damage. (2 swings without a shield will normally hit in the 500-600 range.)

My only problem with the weapon is that doesn't look all too great but eh, the range on it makes up for it.


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Forgot to mention the stats needed to ro k the chaos and dark infusion. 45 int and 45 faith
You only need 30/30 for the weapon softcap


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Good damage and respectable reach for such a fast weapon AND it has bleed. Use this if you love turtle soup like I do.
Haha, make soup of the turtles! Make them BLEED!
So... did this weapon recieve the same nerf as the CCS and FS ?
Yeah, the nerf was too all heavy curved swords, but it doesn't effect damage, or anything, it just doesn't have3 the R1 R1 R1 combo anyomore
Do you know if this got the 2H R1 range nerfed too ? (since now the CCS has less range than the Scimitar, as you can see in this video: watch?v=tA3zCxKDTLo)