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Gets way too much*****, it's a decent sidearm for any mage with the dex to use it.
The full moveset for this weapon is fairly impressive, as it effectively has Bloodborne-style transformation attacks with it's weapon art. From my testing; the WA itself can be used straight out of a roll or sprint to get a unique attack, and you can chain the WA to any two-handed R1 or R2 to get a "transformation" and follow up with the WA-R1/R2s freely.

It may well have the most extensive moveset of any weapon in the game.
I totally agree,

And in fact, many weapons in this game have most attack than the others.

Like all the axes with "Warcry" WA, which change R2 animation and potentially add 8 different news attack to the base moveset.



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be meat head: be angry at caster and dex roll: be decided to said fuc it put 30 in inteligence and equipe the aquamarine at the left and ledo great hamer the rigth.
beat the***** of everyone for a strait 3 hours, very good to track any mutiple doges.
Am I the only one who's noticed that when you're using the weapon art you stand a lot like the Heide Knights from DS2?
Anyone who thinks this weapon is anything less than one of, if not THE, top tier dagger just hasn't fought with or against this yet. That WA is devastating, the reach and AR is just SO good, it can't be parried either. This has everything going for it that the Corvian greatknife has, about as much reach on the WAs. Literally just don't touch your r1's, just time your WAs right and you'll get SUCH easy wins.
Agree with most of this comment, though contrary to your testing the weapon art R1 and R2 can both be parried.
It was a parting gift for Filianore daughter of Gwyn for her long Journey as the desc. suggests had to be op.
I assumed it to be the dagger of the Zullie.
Does anyone know about what the AR increase that the Weapon Art gives to this weapon? I want to use this on my future Sorcerer (17/20/50, the extra point in strength to be able to one-hand the Greatsword of Judgement as well as the Moonlight GS) as a sort of backup weapon but I'd rather know about how much of a damage increase the WA would give me first as without it I only have an AR of 330 with it. If the AR doesn't go to at least 400 with the WA then I probably won't use it.
10/20/60 without other equipment
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R2 Weapon Art: 417
is this helpfull?
Äh, at +5
This weapon's weapon art is so fun, too bad its not that great for pvp...
I'd have to disagree, the running WA and rolling WA are nice and unpredictable, and if the person you're fighting isn't careful then you can easily shred them to bits with varying R1s and R2s. I've tested this weapon with the magic clutch ring with 60 int/dex, and this weapon is a beast for roll catching and clearing distance with the lunges that the WA R2s provide.