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A bit of advice, don't waste a single upgrade material for it.... I mean has anyone found any usefulness for this weapon? It seems weak, slow, brittle, consumes a massive amount of bolts that you constantly demands you to farm souls to buy them. And its weapon art will most likely get you killed in pvp trying to reload it. Honestly i haven't found a single pro to this weapon apart from being funny. For being a weapon from the last boss of the series and one of the toughest, it sure is disappointing.
I've found it has decent use in duels, especially with the splintering bolts. If I can pull off the WA at melee, with the right timing, I can bleed my target twice over with fifteen bolts minimum. Just make sure you have an ample health pool.
The stagger on it in PVP is pretty great. It's amazing how many people run at you when they see you got a crossbow even though it's pretty obvious you've got the WA prepped. More of a wake up really for you to then finish them off.
You can "waste" materials on it if you're in ng+6 and have dragon chasers ashes
I found this weapon very useful to catching enemies off guard since they don't expect this crossbow in pvp.
Add info: it fires 10 consecutive bolts with its weapon art although they spread a lot like a cone shape and most of them probably gonna miss unless your target is at melee range and each one deals significantly less damage than a single bolt fired with the regular attack.
Use only exploding bolts on it for the bleeding, very high bleed proc.
Fire and splintering bolts help a lot i guess.. The problem is you have to sacrifice Greirat to buy them.
Funfact, the stance you're given when holding the weapon art button is IDENTICAL to the Aquamarine Dagger stance (minus the fact that you hold the crossbow UPWARD instead of at your side, like the dagger), which is also identical to the Darkwraith walking animation.
It'd be nice if you could use the WA whilst one-handing, the trade-off being that it can only store one kind of bolt. Would make it much less obvious if you do the WA.
To use the "good bolts" you have to sacrifice Greirat sending him on his third mission to Lothric Castle its the only way i think you get to buy them from returning his ashes to handmaid



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Despite all this weapon's hate, I just can't it down. Currently using it in my left hand instead of a shield as a simple poke tool, not really as a damage dealer. As a crossbow, it does low damage (only barely stronger then the light crossbow) but has low stamina consumption. It does have low durability but this isn't really a problem because most stages can be done without it breaking and repair powder is quite easy to obtain. It is heavy however, tied for the heaviest available, and it has some notable stat requirements. These are notable weaknesses and is something to consider. The light crossbow has similar stats offensively, is easier to obtain and is much lighter, but I think the repeating crossbow has a much better WA (I guess being compared to tackle, that isn't saying much). As stated below, it's weapon art is situational but can really prove itself useful if used sparingly but effectively. Exploding bolts, if manually aimed toward the opponents feet will create multiple "firebomb" like explosions that are hard to dodge and can be a great way to close a duel. Keep in mind that they do low damage. It's more then a throwing knife, but should still be used when an opponent is greatly damaged. The WA itself has quite a slow startup and when facing players, is easily telegraphed. It can be formidable at close range with splintering bolts however, and can stagger opponents with ease. I have found that lightning bolts have helped me a lot in PvE, and do respectable damage (unless the enemy is resistant to lightning, then use explosive bolts). In the end, it all comes down to mastering the weapon art, otherwise I find it hard to recommend this weapon. I picked it up because I like the weapon design and heard all the hate about it, and thought I'd try it myself. Now it is honestly one of my favorite weapons.
I actually cannot under stand why People keep trash talking this weapon into oblivion. Yes its damage per bolt is mediocre and yes the WA feels like a child trying to auto-fire an ak 74 with one hand, BUT it is by far not the worst thing to have. Its a great backup weapon for Boss fights when your at low hp and cant risk going near the boss e.g. fightIng twin princes. Just used it on Lothric while Lorian was down and couldnt risk getting hit by the explosion. Simply amazing how rapid fire WA just annihalated this guy on NG+4 (using heavy bolts just to be clear)
This or the avelyn for pvp?



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Agree with previous guy. It is close to impossible to hit someone with this, unless opponent is braindead. Avelyn with exploding bolts is great for free-aiming
Any other crossbow except this. Seriously, any other crossbow at all.
Oh yeah got this new smg gonna get my 5 player killstreak on
despite the good and bad of this weapon, by it's namesake, it should not consume FP...