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This weapon is basically From after realizing they ruined the Fume Greatsword and decided why fix it when they can just make another weapon
Pretty hard to get hit by this..
Very easy to dodge 1v1, just equip something slightly faster and wait for them to blow their stamina on a few swings. War of attrition at that point. But a pain if you're dancing against a 3v1 and this thing is spinning around.
Anything is a pain in a 3v1 tho...cause everything can stun you. Which leads to you unluckily getting infinitely stunlocked sometimes by a gank. Obviously overlooked by the developers.
This hammer can obscure my sight of my enemy which can be deadly. I'd rather go with dragon tooth, morne's hammer or some other weapon that doesn't block my view.
What platform are you on bud? Im on PS4 and Its hardly there.
i've been using smough's hammer half the game and it's worse.
know what you mean but strangely I don't have that problem on my PS4. I see everything completly fine there.
Hidden weapon + this = DEATH
This weapon cannot be buffed.
no prob for those people with the chinese letters. they can do everything. real stars of Dark Souls3. we are all trash compared to them.
difference between chinese and japanese players? Samurais descendents do not hack.
Hammer so great it covers up so much of your screen just so you can see how great it is.
Boom Hammer, kill vicar Amelia. Ledos Great Hammer, kill Friede. Spot the difference.
Vicar is a big beast , Friede is human , and you're supposed to kill Friede BEFORE going to ringed city?
Friede is Maria in hardcore mode (no stun shot guns allowed). And yeah Friede is supposed to die before you enter the RC because Gael is waiting before the boss room to help you defeating her. He isn't there if you went to the RC first and kill him so that comes later.
Would like to add that while I was playing offline, unable to use dried finger, I simple quit and reload the area when Ledo didn't invade me initially after resurrecting Argo.
Class wise it needs some time to go into hyperarmor what opens large windows for counterattacks that will stagger you. When it hits it's great. But GS and estoc just won't let you. Other hammers have perseverance to counter this. But I couldn't find any solution for Ledos other than to parry them. The weapon itself seems to have no answer for these tactis.
The weapon art has hyper armor right from the start and does immense damage. If it leaves you in their face, a timed light will rollcatch and they'll probably be dead
This weapon needs to be nerfed as it is unfair against people who use non dlc nerfed weapons
I mean my friend tested it out on me and it did only slightly more than yorms machete so it's not too unreasonable.
"darksouls is hard so IT should be easier, I shouldn't have to get better"
Its so good because it takes a lot to use it, has the highest strength requirement and weighs the most
I love such comments!^^
Get good