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too bad it doesn't have the kickass red eye effect anymore or any visual effect at all, one of the reasons why i took the red eye ring in ds2 and played as a damage sponge coop phantom
Shield brother !
I agree... And it told the other phantoms you would fill the tanking role.
It would explain why he asks you to hurry in finding the kiln thingy.
Seems an odd thing for a little dude to carry, and Ludleth won't quit bugging you for twisted souls. He was also burned by the linking, exiled too, and and has nightmares of said burning. His is probably the soul that resulted in this ring.
I've said this on Ludleth's page as well- It is very unlikely that Ludleth is the soulfeeder. The Skull Ring description clearly states that it is 'one of Courland's transposed wonders', and seeing that the soul being transposed is consumed in the process, Ludleth couldn't have transposed the ring from his own soul.
Ludleth is the one who killed the Soulfeeder to save his country.
I don't know about you guys but seems like the description of the Soulfeeder is a little similar to the Old One from Demon's Souls? I know the universes are seperate but could be a nice little reference
They are seperate... Are they?
It does seem very much like a reference indeed. Nice catch!
"Same effect as Atonement miracle". Except the Atonement page states that its effect increases enemy aggro range, and this page states that the supposedly same effect does no such thing. I'll try to do some proper testing for this, and hopefully some more people will, too.
why no red eye effect
It doesnt turn you into red glowing eye demon like in DS2, but this is the guy if you are into that Havel style god-tier tanking.
It takes aggro off enemies instantly and forces everything to focus on you. In jolly CO-OP games, your damage dealing friends can slay the everliving***** out of Bosses while you tank their blows.
After Siegward died to Yhorm in NG+6 for the first time in my playthroughs I decided to use the ring in NG+7 in the boss fight. Could't see much difference. Seems as Yhorm is generally very focused on Siegward anyway.
You still have to hit the guy, he'll aggro a bit longer on you.
found this dude giving free skull ring
I used the ring for example against Lorian when summoning Siris. Or against any boss when I'm fighting as a phantom with a host of ember, which isn't "skillful". But I never had the feeling, that it really has an impact. Maybee because I'm playing too defensivly?