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Just equip full Havel's before the fight, and smash with your most powerful attacks ez game ez life
Definitely the (che)easiest way to beat them on NG at least. Full havel and dragon tooth +5, each king dies in 4-5 hits. Don't worry about fat roll as you will just be standing there taking the hits like nothing.
they spawn far more quicker in remaster imo
This fight in NG+ was made absolutely trivial by casting “Great Magic Barrier”. I didn’t even need to dodge because their hits were taking off so little of my heath. I definitely recommend using it to everyone who has the faith to cast the miracle. Only thing is that two castings of the Great Magic Barrier only lasted long enough for 2/3rds of the fight. So if you have the ring slot available I’d suggest the Lingering Dragoncrest ring, or attuning two copies of the miracle to get 4 casts
Easy strategy even for soul level 1 solo
Odd thing happened. I died in the fight the first time. When I dropped back down in, SIX of the kings appeared. I thought I was totally screwed. But they only became "active" one at a time, so no big deal. Anyone else have something weird like that happen?


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I have had a fifth king come out to play when I killed the four kings early on. Just some advice to take this boss fight slow and have a slow high damaging weapon rather than a ridicously fast and somewhat high damaging weapon. That being said it is also a good reminder for everyone that the four kings each have there own individual health so be cautious.
Sound like the game stopped hiding the unused models for some reason. Probably due to the objects being hidden by an effect instead of in a off map room. I've heard of people fighting six kings before, nothing odd about that bit. It's cool to see a bit of how the game is built though.
Tbh I think this is my favorite boss in terms of anxiety-inducing time constraints. Manus and Artorias are just long block-fests, while O&S become pathetically easy with sorceries or just ranged weapons. One of the Four Kings is weak on its own, but if your *** gets grabbed by that SUCC, you know you won't be able to kill said King before the next one shows up, making situations drastically more dire. Sacrificing one of your ring slots for the Covenant of Artorias doesn't help, either. (They also look cool as ****.)
Elizabeth's Mushroom works wonders in this fight. It totally negates the damage dealt while strafing, and can even save you from long-range slashes or even the grab attack. Plus it only takes a second to pop one in your mouth, as opposed to taking a knee for Soothing Sunlight. Cleansing Greatshield is good for blocking the projectiles as well as the AoE, thanks to its 80% magic reduction and high stability, and it's a fair amount lighter than Havel's.
For anyone having trouble with these edgelords, I have one question:

they will **** your poise in ng+4
I agree that poise is the most straightforward tactic in this fight. The real problem is the heavily RNG-based grab attack that seriously screws your average damage output.

If you have your poise trivialized in NG+4 I believe you're wielding an ultra heavy weapon of sorts, aren't you? In that case I would recommend switching to at least a standard greatsword or something faster. It's better to get staggered after landing a small hit instead of getting stunned before you can even wind up a big hit. I beat him on my first try in NG+5 with ~70 poise btw, and didn't get ganked.
In NG+ these a-holes love ganking. I had to fight 3 kings at once despite using a great club with a lightning resin (~790 AR).
Okay, I've gotten to these guys twice, and my attacks don't seem to do any damage to either the individual king's health bar or the overall health bar. I've tried with my Gravelord Sword +5 and the Cursed Greatsword of Artorias, gotten so close that I'm literally running into them, and my swords just seem to pass through them. Playing on PC.

Does this sound like a glitch, or am I missing something about these bosses, some sort of immunity to the damage of those weapons?
The perspective is a bit tricky, so I found myself too far multiple times when attacking. Make sure you're running in place a bit before you attack. If that's not it, than I would say it's probably a glitch. Sadly, I have no idea what would fix it. Try reinstalling the game? Try to find the save before you delete the game though, that could suck.